Who is Taylor Blake on TikTok? Racist tweet drama explained amid Emmanuel the emu’s illness

Taylor Blake from Knuckle Bump Farms faces heat for racist tweets (image via Pinterest)
Taylor Blake from Knuckle Bump Farms faces heat for racist tweets (image via Pinterest)

TikTok star Taylor Blake rose to fame when she started creating wholesome clips with her bird, Emmanuel the emu. She has over 2.4 million followers on the platform.

Blake is the spokesperson for Knuckle Bump Farms. She and her birds were so popular that Taylor earned a spot on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

On Saturday, October 15, 2022, Blake took to social media to announce that a number of the birds on her farm have fallen prey to avian flu. She said that her farm lost more than 50 birds in just three days. However, that wasn't all as Emmanuel the emu also fell ill shortly after.

She took to Twitter to talk about what was happening with her birds. Although she received support from people who were fans of the birds and Emmanuel, some people brought back Taylor Blake's past transgressions, including some racist and oppressive stances.

I am trying my best to remain hopeful, tap into my unwavering faith, and trust that God is in control. I am also doing my best to remain thankful in the face of loss, for I have so much to be grateful for❤️ Thank you for reading.

Taylor Blake Twitter drama explained

Before Taylor Blake rose to fame on her Knuckle Bumps Farm account, she was an active aggressor towards people of color on Twitter, where she operates the handle @hitaylorblake.

Following her tweets about the condition of her birds, two Twitter users pointed out Blake's racist statements and even had receipts to prove their point.

preparing to ruin my timelines fun: the Emmanuel the Emu woman is the same racist white woman who tried to blow up doing Good Ally videos as a Karen character a couple years ago.
since people won't google, here you go.…

In a Twitter thread in 2019, Taylor had urged people to show love to the oppressors, which caused quite a stir on the micro-blogging platform. While some users claimed that the statement came from a privileged point of view, others said that talking to racist people might be dangerous for people of color.

However, that wasn't all. A number of tweets that showed Taylor Blake's racist behavior. The aforementioned users shared screenshots of Blake challenging black people to "cross the road" to see if white people wanted to run them over.

Receipts of Taylor Blake's racist rants 1/2 (image via
Receipts of Taylor Blake's racist rants 1/2 (image via
Receipts of Taylor Blake's racist rants 2/2 (image via
Receipts of Taylor Blake's racist rants 2/2 (image via

Taylor didn't just attack the African-American community. A post that she is tagged in shows a joke made by Taylor on Snapchat at the expense of Asian people.

Taylor Black caught being racist (image via Twitter)
Taylor Black caught being racist (image via Twitter)

Users also pointed out that there seemed to be no remorse or apology from Taylor regarding any of her tweets. They say that she did not change her handle name or issue an apology, but laid low for a while before emerging back into popularity using the farm.

They claim that though the bios in her current account show support for BLM, the farm owner does not show her support through any action. They said that there are no statements, petitions, or information that conveyed her support to the Black community.

Blake is yet to comment on the ongoing controversy, but she has taken to Twitter to block the two accounts that called her out.

Emmanuel the emu has been steadily recovering since contracting avian flu. He and just one other bird were the only survivors of the bird flu epidemic.

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