"Be careful": Crush's alleged racism controversy takes new turn after fan releases unseen video

Crush's fans defend him against alleged racism issue in new video (Image via Instagram/crush9244)

Crush's alleged racism controversy has taken a new turn after a new audio and video were released, providing fans with a fresh perspective on the raging issue.

In the newly released video by a fan, Rush Hour singer Crush can be seen telling his fans:

“You might get hurt, be careful."

The statement was consistent with Crush's apology note, which he had posted shortly after being accused of racism by two Black K-pop fans. Crush wrote in his apology note that he was concerned that fans would injure themselves and thus withdrew his hands to avoid more handshakes and high-fives.

He also reiterated that all his fans, irrespective of their nationalities or ethnicities, are dear to him and he would never discriminate between them.

K-pop fans react to this new development in Crush’s alleged racism issue

So crush oppa haha not racist ?

“Apologize to Crush” took over Twitter trends shortly after the unseen video was released online, giving the whole controversy a new meaning altogether.

For those unversed, a Twitter user who goes by the handle @tulipyeo accused the singer of ignoring them and their roommate, because they were Black. They accused the Beautiful singer of deliberately pulling his hand away upon spotting them and instead shaking hands with other fans who were of lighter skin.

Their roommate chipped in as well, adding that they were truly heartbroken by the Rush Hour singer’s behavior as they were his fans. Fans began criticizing the K-pop singer for his alleged racist behavior after the incident went viral on social media.

This new development has taken fans by surprise, and they are now demanding @tulipyeo and their roommate apologize to the Rush Hour singer for putting him through so much hell on social media.

@hxney__jae @RlKIPRINT Well maybe Crush is not actually racist how people trying to draw him as. Honestly, calling someone racist is a serious thing and all i can see is people immediately jumping on a hate vagon without knowing much
Isnt crush still racist due to a number of racist things he’s done in the past without any acknowledgments of wrong doings even if this one altercation is false … idk why and how some of you can forgive and forget so quickly especially when it comes to black people

Fans have also claimed that @tulipyeo plays the victim card on social media, claiming that K-pop idols ignore them because of their skin color. They previously claimed they were ignored by Loco, Heize and ATEEZ K-pop idols Hongjoong and Yunho.

People also feel that @tulipyeo and her roommate could have perhaps waited for an explanation or clarification from the singer before writing anything on social media.

@kimtaenuna @secretboxofHOPE @btssomma Controversies about crush being racist at concerts, hobi liking an apology post on insta and stupid « fan » dragging hobi down for this 💀
@ThaAlma @btssomma but now there’s a new video that clearly shows crush saying “be careful” to all in the crowd 💀 there’re a lot of videos -mostly on TikTok- that bring hobi to the situation -when he has nothing to do in it- saying that he’s supporting a racist and stuff

His apology note was also dismissed as insincere and dishonest by most fans, and the singer and his agency, P NATION, have maintained their silence on the matter ever since.

BTS’ j-hope was dragged into the ongoing raging controversy for liking Crush’s apology post on Instagram

@beombop @y00ngimarryme7 @kerriesammone If you think crush is racist, it's up to you, but the truth this time in the video is that it's clear that crush is not guilty at all, let's look at all the evidence because this also concerns my jhope

“Apologise to j-hope” also took over Twitter trends as BTS fans demanded other K-pop idols apologize to j-hope for terrorizing him for liking the singer’s apology post on Instagram.

Now that a new unseen video of the singer asking fans to be careful has surfaced on the internet, ARMYs believe that BTS' j-hope has been dragged into this mess through no fault of his own and has been accused of supporting a racist.

Fans also believe j-hope might have known the truth from the beginning itself and chose to support his Rush Hour collaborator silently by liking his apology post.

Neither j-hope nor his Rush Hour collaborator have made any further comments on the controversy as of writing this article.

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