H&M selects ITZY for Spring/Summer 2022 campaign

K-pop girl group will collaborate with the fashion brand (Image via Twitter/@ITZYofficial)
K-pop girl group will collaborate with the fashion brand (Image via Twitter/@ITZYofficial)

World-famous K-pop girl group ITZY will be working with fashion brand, H&M for its Spring/Summer 2022 campaign. The group’s agency updated fans regarding the partnership on its official social media handles.

It’s no surprise that the group was selected by the brand for chic makeovers and designs. Each member of the group has their own unique style and fashion.

Hennes & Mauritz, also known as H&M, is a Swedish multinational clothing company headquartered in Stockholm. The brand focuses on fast fashion for men, women, teenagers, and children. According to reports, H&M has seen soaring success with its operations in 74 countries.

ITZY for H&M Summer/Spring 2022 campaign

Taking fashion to new heights, H&M will be releasing a collaborative collection with ITZY through their H&M DIVIDED stores and H&M’s official online store in Japan on March 24, 2022. This limited edition campaign will target young people in their teens and 20s. The collection will also be released in Taiwan and Korea.

/💚H&M with ITZY💚プレミアムショッピング\H&Mメンバー限定💗応募して当てよう✨店舗でいち早くショッピングをお楽しみいただけるよう、全国6店舗にて『プレミアムショッピング』を開催いたします😍応募はこちら▷ #ITZY

The clothes will represent the colors and feelings of early summer in a powerful and energetic fashion sense. The girl group’s collection with H&M will be divided into two themes, one with oversized silhouettes and an edgy style, and the other with feminine clothing for daily wear.

H&M chose the K-pop girl group since their talent and individuality fascinated the fashion brand. It stated that despite debuting in 2019, the girls have come a long way in such a short time. Their excellent singing abilities and performance quality have gained massive traction. Through their music, they not only send out girl crush vibes but also a powerful personality and style that teenagers and people in their 20s admire.


H&M Japan also uploaded a 15-minute video to its official Twitter account to update fans about the collaboration. Though the faces of the members' are not visible, their contemporary outfits and the way they carry them set the mood for the campaign video.

Styled in green and black colored outfits, the girls give a glimpse of the brand's latest collection. Each member flaunted H&M's modern designs from boyfriend pants, bell-bottoms, crop tops to jumpsuits and dresses.

Latest updates on ITZY

The iconic K-pop girl group took to its official Twitter account to announce its rescheduled date for the first fan meet and greet. The fan meeting, ITZY The 1st Fan Meeting: ITZY MIDZY, Fly!, will be held on April 9, 2022, at 5:00 pm KST at Seoul’s Yes 24 Live Hall.

ITZY, 4월 9일 첫 공식 팬미팅 'ITZY The 1st Fan Meeting "있지 믿지, 날자!"' 온오프라인 동시 개최! #MIDZY @ITZYofficial

The event will be the group’s first official fansign since their Fan Party Live in March 2020, which was a huge success. It will also be the girls’ official fan meeting since their debut in February 2021.

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