H1-KEY's debut single Athletic Girl surpasses 100 million views and enters iTunes charts

K-pop girl group H1-KEY (Image via Instagram/@h1key_official)
K-pop girl group H1-KEY (Image via Instagram/@h1key_official)

Rookie K-pop girl group H1-KEY have made a strong debut with their hit single Athletic Girl. Their debut music video ranked number one on Thailand's iTunes Video Chart, and 59th on Apple Music's Video Charts.

Debuting on January 5, 2022, the group saw noteworthy results with their debut music video surpassing 10 million views on YouTube just two weeks after its release. Netizens have commented that the group has brought something fresh to the table that hasn鈥檛 been seen before.

H1-KEY crafting themselves to be one of the best

The K-pop girl group was formed by Grandline Entertainment (GRDL), a sub-label of Grandline Group. Their existence was first mentioned on November 18, 2021, by Naver. The group consists of four members Sitala, Riina, Seoi, and Yel.

Their hit record, titled Athletic Girl, topped iTunes' Top K-Pop Songs Chart in nine regions, including Turkey, Vietnam, Australia, the UK, Canada, Indonesia, Taiwan, and the United States. The song also ranked number two on iTunes All Songs Chart in Thailand.


K-pop enthusiasts have taken to Twitter to congratulate them and express their excitement at witnessing the girl group rise to stardom in such a short time.

H1-KEY selected words like confidence, assurance, strength, and health as adjectives to express their debut song Athletic Girl. Through their debut song the girls motivate people to express their inner strengths.

According to reports, Yel said the following in one of her interviews:

"If you have faith and be confident, you can do anything."

Since their debut, K-pop fans have been admiring the group for their unique concept and hit track. Some stated that Seo Yi has a sophisticated aura and doll-like visuals, while Riina has a strong presence. Others commented that Yel radiates a powerful energy when she performs and Sitala has a neutral charm.

Concept behind H1-KEY's Athletic Girl

H1-Key's official music video Athletic Girl features colorful set-ups and vibrant workout outfits. In the song, the girls reiterate words like workout, go run, athletic girl, and glow up, giving viewers a fun workout tune to listen to. The choreography and props also match the concept of the song.

At the beginning of the music video, netizens can see the girls posing in workout clothes. Later, they quickly move to the beat in an exercise-style choreography. Some fans also commented that the music video encouraged them to work out more often.

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