'Hanna' Season 3 review: A power packed farewell to the super-assassin of Prime Video series

Still from Prime Video's Hanna (Image via IMDb)
Still from Prime Video's Hanna (Image via IMDb)
Shruti Kotiya

Prime Video's Hanna dropped its final season yesterday and the series gave viewers a well deserved conclusion.

Created by David Farr, the third season of Hanna continues her journey of being the extraordinary assassin who is trying to bring down the sinister organization that created her.

With Marissa Wielger and John Carmichael on her side, Hanna is unbeatable. But what will she do when new foes discover about her plan to destroy UTRAX?

The Esme Creed-Miles starrer is based on the 2011 film of the same name. The action-drama had its first episode come out in early 2019 followed by a second season in 2020. The third and final season was renewed later that year and premiered on 24 November 2021.

'Hanna' Season 3 ends with a bang

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The final season of Prime Video's Hanna picks off from the titular character returning to The Meadows with her cover of a loyal Utrax trainee. All of that was possible due to Marissa persuading Carmichael to help them. The nemesis' working together is what brings excitement to the season.

The character development of each and every person since the first season is something to applaud. The build-up is so perfect that the final season brings out all their potential to open in the epic finale.

Hanna and Marissa's unique relationship along with their team to destroy Utrax is commendable, especially for such a solemn yet majestic portrayal.

As for everyone's favorite assassin, Hanna, her character's development from a teen who wanted to go beyond the world of isolation to a person who has her mind straight and clear is nothing but impressive.

The highly-anticipated mystery character of Gordon Evans adds a shadowy vibe to the show's storyline as he is the only person who Marissa is scared of. His dark veil-like silhouette brings out a strong sense of anticipation and curiosity.

Each and every scene in the final season feels like a package of curiosity where every moment has the viewers on edge. The unpredictability of what might happen next gives a special kind of kick to the season, making it a fun watch.

While secret agents might be a very common genre for action drama series, Hanna made sure to make an impact with its final season. Each and every moment is relatable and understandable despite being set in a dystopian world.

The final season of Hanna ended on a good note, with probably the best conclusion to the entire series. It had the right amount of drama, action, mystery, thriller and unpredictability. Hanna is truly a special series, giving its entire trilogy a banging yet well deserved end.

Stream the latest and final journey of Hanna, exclusively available on Prime Video.

Edited by Sijo Samuel Paul
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