Hannah Stocking refuses to speak about her breakup with Ondreaz Lopez 

Image via Hannah Stocking & Ondreaz Lopez
Image via Hannah Stocking & Ondreaz Lopez

Hannah Stocking wants reporters to know that she doesn't want to talk about her breakup or the situation with Ondreaz Lopez.


Many wanted to know how Hannah spent her Valentine's Day, because she recently became single. Hannah spoke about her Valentine's Day alone, saying it was filled with "self-love." She was very positive about the holiday and seemed to not mind her new relationship status at all.

Hannah was then asked about her break up with Ondreaz Lopez. Hannah said that she did not want to talk about it, but that she hoped her friendship with him was unharmed. She also said that she hoped everyone was doing okay.

This wouldn't normally be seen as unusual, but other sources say the situation is bigger to the former couple than they let on. Her ex-boyfriend, Ondreaz Lopez, was accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl. Lele Pons, a very close friend of Hannah Stocking, said that the entire incident was shocking. She said that Hannah was trying to take things slow and would grow from the situation.


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Hannah refuses to acknowledge the state of the breakup, which may be her way of moving past it. This is positive, because the allegations against Ondreaz Lopez and his brother Tony Lopez are growing more viral with each passing month.

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Hannah Stocking may be trying to cut all ties with Ondreaz Lopez

Hannah started deleting videos and pictures of them together soon after new allegations about Ondreaz surfaced. She also posted this picture on social media:

She might have been one of the people Tony Lopez was talking about when he posted tweets about people abandoning him and his brother. Tony was adamant that the people who were distancing themselves because of the situation were all fake.

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If this is her way of distancing herself, then it is working well. It would hurt her career if the allegations against Ondreaz turned out to be true. Hannah Stocking's refusal to answer questions about Ondreaz may be her way of escaping the situation.

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