"Harvey Weinstein?": Ryan Kavanaugh trolled as Ethan Klein drama intensifies over 3rd lawsuit 

Ryan Kavanaugh and Ethan Klein legal feud rages on (Image via H3 Podcast/ YouTube and Los Angeles Ballet)
Ryan Kavanaugh and Ethan Klein legal feud rages on (Image via H3 Podcast/ YouTube and Los Angeles Ballet)

YouTuber and podcast host Ethan Klein has found himself in a legal battle yet again with Triller’s Ryan Kavanaugh. The latter recently wrote an article for CSQ detailing the reasons behind Triller suing the H3 podcast co-hosts Ethan Klein and his wife Hila.

The company previously sued Ethan Klein for copyright infringement. He is now being sued by the company's co-founder Kavanaugh for defamation.

The first Klein-Kavanaugh kicked off a few months ago, when Triller broadcast the famous boxing match between amateur boxer Jake Paul and MMA fighter Ben Askren. Though the event was a success for the company, Ryan Kavanaugh revealed in the aforementioned article that the company lost over four million unique views.

The businessman blamed Ethan Klein for being responsible for a portion of the stolen views and pursued to sue him. In a now deleted tweet, Klein responded to the legal development by saying that he “did not rebroadcast it or pirate” the fight.

The podcast host argues that he had only used a 45- second clip from the fight, which was considered fair-use five days following the match.


Ryan Kavanagh’s other lawsuits against Ethan Klein explained

In the CSQ article titled "The Dark Side of the Power of Social Media,” Kavanaugh detailed the times Ethan Klein had defamed him on his podcast and other social media platforms. The 46-year-old businessman claimed that Klein created a website comparing him to Harvey Weinstein, as the two look shockingly similar.

Kavanaugh also alleged that Klein had encouraged his followers online to compare him to Weinstein.

As Kavanaugh’s article gained traction, many supporters of Ethan Klein took to Twitter, mocking the Triller businessman. A few tweets read:

Kavanaugh has also claimed that Ethan Klein’s team paid Wikipedia editors to “destroy my Wikipedia page.” In the article, Kavanaugh mentioned:

“Klein coordinated an attack removing almost anything that could be seen as positive and replacing it with an onslaught of negative, intentionally misleading, and inaccurate information.”

Ethan Klein responds to feud with Ryan Kavanaugh

The H3 podcast host took to Twitter in recent hours posting screenshots of the businessman attempting to get Klein banned from YouTube and Twitch. Ryan Kavanaugh posted a picture of the lawsuit on his Instagram stories, where he announced his attempt to get Klein banned from social media.

Klein also made public that Kavanaugh had threatened him on Instagram by asking him to “govern himself” and advised him to “stop and mitigate your damage now.”

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