Jake Paul slams Pete Davidson for his remarks at Triller Fight Club, vows to never bring him back for future events

The King of Staten Island vs The Problem Child?
The King of Staten Island vs The Problem Child?
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

It looks like there is simmering beef between Pete Davidson, aka The King of Staten Island, and Jake Paul, aka The Problem Child, after their awkward interaction at Triller fight club.

Pete Davidson recently grabbed headlines for his hosting duties at Triller Fight Club, which he carried out with effortless and humorous perfection.

From bluntly mocking the current state of boxing to throwing shade at both Ben Askren and Jake Paul, Pete Davidson was the real MVP of the night for many viewers. He said in one segment:

"Today's a really wild day for boxing because it just shows how low it has truly sunk. I think today proves the fact that if you hav enough followers, you can truly f*****g do whatever you want! They (Ben Askren and Jake Paul) both suck but atleast you know, somebody's gonna get hurt!"

Pete Davidson's honesty, however, seems to have struck a wrong chord with Jake Paul.

This could be due to the fact that the comedian had referred to Jake Paul as a "piece of sh*t" who should be in jail while interviewing Askren:

"He's not a good person, he's clearly not a good influence on any of the youth culture. Didn't he like get busted by the feds with AKs and a bunch of machine guns? Like why isn't he in jail? That's what we're trying to get the message to the kids is that he is a piece of sh*t"

Pete Davidson also allegedly confronted Jake about his recent sexual assault allegations, which were controversially bleeped out from the main broadcast:

Keeping that in mind, the younger Paul brother recently vowed to never bring him back for any of his future events.

Is Jake Paul vs Pete Davidson next on the cards?


[Timestamp: 12:27]

Jake Paul was a guest on the latest episode of the Impaulsive Podcast, where he was at his boastful best.

He weighed in on a plethora of topics which ranged from his thoughts on Ben Askren to what possibly lies in store for him in the near future.

During one particular segment, he was goaded on by Mike Majlak about a possible fight with Pete Davidson. This led to Logan Paul questioning why Pete was at the event in the first place. Their father, Greg Paul, even offered to "fight that little piece of sh*t".

The mention of Pete Davidson seemingly irked Jake Paul too, as he proceeded to say:

"It was my idea to like have him as the host of the event . F**k that guy, he won't do sh*t. He won't ever be a part of any of those ever again. He f****d his sh*t up. It just brings him more clout, just f**k that guy. I don't give a f**k what he thought. The sh*t he said is sh*t you can't take back. "

However, his remarks failed to strike a chord with the online community, who hailed Pete for his blatant honesty and remarkable gall:

With underlying tension continuing to brew between the two personalities, could an all-star celebrity bout with Pete Davidson potentially be on the cards next?

When it comes to Jake Paul, anything's possible.

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