"He gassed much sooner": Logan Paul reacts to Conor McGregor's KO, questions his legacy

Logan Paul talks about Conor McGregor's loss and it's impact.
Logan Paul talks about Conor McGregor's loss and it's impact.

YouTuber Logan Paul recently weighed in on MMA athlete Conor McGregor's UFC 257 loss to Dustin Poirier. On a recent episode of his podcast, Paul opined on the significance of this loss to the Irish boxer's legacy. The episode centered around discussing how the match's results might impact McGregor's business, brand value, and more.

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Logan Paul reacts to Conor McGregor's defeat.


Their discussion started with the news on ESPN Plus' failure to inform fans about the fight, which nearly resulted in many viewers almost missing the event that was priced at $70. Paul quickly moved on to talk about the rumors surrounding McGregor's preparation and the change in coaching staff.

"Allegedly, um Conor refuted this, allegedly Conor switched his boxing coach and sparring partners and basically switched up his camp which is never ... (a good idea)"

Paul had some words of respect for the athlete even though McGregor lost the last two out of his three matches.

"It is so tough for me anyway to see legends lose, I hate it, I love Conor McGregor and the moment I saw him flattened with his eyes closed, Nate Robinson style... *nods disapprovingly*
"Until 5 minutes pass, he has this issue where the dude gasses and everyone knows it and this fight he gassed much, much sooner than I thought he was going to, I thought he was going to do round 3. Round 2 his arms were heavy."

The conversation took a more somber tone as the reality and weight of the loss to McGregor's brand value set in.

"How many time can McGregor lose before his legacy is really tarnished and his face is tied to his Whiskey "Proper Twelve" and he has a lot of businesses who's successes are tied to his performance"

Paul concluded by saying that he hoped to see McGregor return to the ring and warned against complacency. The YouTuber said that he still has a lot of respect for the MMA legend.

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