"He is literally the Antichrist": MrBeast blind video controversy explained amid wild backlash

MrBeast's video where he helps blind people gain vision garners backlash (Image via MrBeast/YouTube)

YouTuber MrBeast is best known for his extravagant news-breaking videos. He recently created a video where he helped 1000 people gain vision through surgeries.

Despite it seeming like an admirable gesture, netizens took to social media claiming that the content creator was doing the work of the devil. They went on to brand him the "antichrist."

Ardent social media users are well aware of the social media personality, MrBeast. The YouTube mogul is best known for his elaborate stunts, pranks, and challenges. His recent Squid Games recreation became world news. However, his most recent video, titled 1,000 Blind People See for the First Time, has garnered mixed reactions.

As the title suggests, several people underwent phacoemulsification surgery which would help them regain their vision. In the surgery, a cataract, which clouds the normally clear lens of the eye, is vacuumed out. Following this, the cataract is replaced with a new artificial lens allowing one to see.

Along with the surgeries, certain patients were gifted $10,000 or more. Others were given a Tesla for free as well. MrBeast also made a donation of $100,000 to the optical surgeon's practice where the people got their surgeries.

At the time of writing this article, the eight-minute-long video had garnered over 56 million views in just two days.

MrBeast's 1,000 Blind People See for the First Time video explored

In the gripping video, emotions ran high. Viewers got a glimpse into the lives of the patients. They also could watch the people's reactions when they took off their bandages post-surgery and saw their surroundings for the first time.

Several of the people expectedly got emotional. One man, who was blind for 62 years, expressed gratitude towards MrBeast for the procedure. Another man who lost his job because his vision was impaired was thrilled to be able to work again. A teenage boy who has been blind since his birth was ecstatic to be able to drive for the first time.


People from across the world, including those from the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Vietnam, Kenya, and Jamaica, could see again thanks to MrBeast at the end of the video.

MrBeast receives backlash following video's release

Despite the content creator putting in an effort for a good cause, internet users felt like the YouTuber created the video and helped blind people solely for online traction. Many stated that the video seemed like a gimmick. Others also claimed that the 24-year-old was doing the job of the "antichrist" by giving people vision purely out of greed. A few tweets about the same read:

Jacksonville ophthalmologist shares his experience working with MrBeast

Dr. Jeff Levenson said in an interview with CNN that the YouTuber's team approached him in September to gather a list of people who needed the surgery but didn't have the finances to fund it. Levenson revealed that he performed surgeries on 40 people in 11 hours. He also connected the YouTuber's team to SEE International, which would provide free eyecare to people worldwide.

Despite the content creator garnering some backlash online, the ophthalmologist behind the project noted that the YouTuber's efforts were inspirational and could change lives. He said:

“If MrBeast can light a fire, and if we can get governmental and private support behind it, we can end half of all the blindness in the world. Without all that much cost, and with incredible gains in human productivity and human potential.”

The YouTuber had not responded to the backlash at the time of writing this article.

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