Head of the Class: 3 reasons why the HBO Max series cannot be missed

Still from HBO Max's trailer for Head of the Class (Image via IMDb)
Still from HBO Max's trailer for Head of the Class (Image via IMDb)

Time to feel like a high-school kid again with HBO's upcoming comedy, Head of the Class.

The series is all about high-school drama and great laughs. Head of the Class is executively produced by Bill Lawrence and Liza Katzer and the premise of the series is as real as it can get. It revolves around a group of overambitious teens and their teacher who wants to push them on to not run after grades but enjoy life.

The series is set to release on HBO Max and will be available to stream from November 4. Head of the Class is a 10-episode show and its production was announced by HBO in March 2021.

Reasons why 'Head of the Class' is a must watch


The upcoming series stars Isabella Gomez, Jorge Diaz, Jolie Hoang Rappaport, Gavin Lewis, Dior Goodjohn, Brandon Severs, Adrian Matthew Escalona, Katie Beth Hall and Christa Miller. It also features Phil Lewis as a guest star.

Head of the Class is a must-watch and here's why:

#1. It is a reboot of the original 'Head of the Class' sitcom of the 1980s

The upcoming HBO Max series is actually a reboot of the original 1980's sitcom. The original Head of the Class was a very popular sitcom that aired on ABC from 1986-91, completing five seasons. The show was created by Michael Elias and Richard Eustis. It followed a group of gifted high-school students and their history teacher as he guided them about life.

Following in its predecessor's footsteps, the Head of the Class reboot adopts a similar approach but with a 21st century spin. The trailer for the same has a very contemporary feel to it as each character has their own personality and individuality.

#2. It has the multi-camera sitcom feel to it

Back in the day, sitcoms like F.R.I.E.N.D.S. and Sienfield had live audiences, multiple camera angles and recorded laugh tracks. This made them even more different and popular than other shows.

The upcoming Head of the Class reboot has the same approach to its filming to give it a very sitcom-like feel. This type of filming allows the show to shoot the same scene, at multiple angles, within the same shot, without calling cut every 30 seconds. This gives more opportunities to capture certain moments at a time.

So viewers can expect to feel at home with the sitcom-like approach of HBO Max's Head of the Class.

#3. Robin Givens will be reprising her role in the reboot

Robin Givens as Darlene Merriman in Head of the Class reboot (Image via HBO Max)
Robin Givens as Darlene Merriman in Head of the Class reboot (Image via HBO Max)

Robin Givens, who currently portrays the role of Sierra McCoy in CW's Riverdale, will be seen reprising the role of Darlene Merriman. Givens was one of the students in the original sitcom. She will now portray the role of a mother and a lawyer, who has her sights set on helping her son succeed.

Upon the announcement of her reprisal, Givens stated about her new character:

"She’s very much a mama bear. She’s Darlene Merriman, all grown up."

Catch Head of the Class on November 4 along with all five seasons of the original sitcom available on HBO Max as well.

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