Heather Dubrow threatening Shannon Beador in ‘RHOC’ episode 4 takes Twitter by storm

'RHOC' stars Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador (Image via heatherdubrow, shannonbeador/ Instagram)
'RHOC' stars Heather Dubrow and Shannon Beador (Image via heatherdubrow, shannonbeador/ Instagram)

Heather Dubrow has returned to RHOC after quitting the show in its 11th season. Since her return, she has locked horns with once-a-good friend Shannon Beador. In fact, Dubrow will be seen threatening her in the upcoming episode.

In a preview clip of episode 4, Dubrow told Beador:

“If you ever come after my family, you are going to lose a lot more than just my friendship.”
i missed her machiavellian antics #RHOC

Heather Dubrow's threats enrage Twitterati

Fans of the show are quick to react to any happening on the show, and given the intensity of the way Dubrow spoke to Shannon, Twitter was quick to wage a war against the reality TV star.

I do not like @HeatherDubrow threatening. @ShannonBeador in the preview!! Come on Heather get off your high horse, All the $ she has she can threaten someone . @ShannonBeador do not take her crap. Why did bring her back . So sick of her high and mighty attitude. #RHOC #Bravo
Put Heather on any other housewives franchise and I bet she don’t have that same energy to threaten someone girl bye you ain’t that bad #RHOC
@bolofanpage I think that this is Heather's showing off or flexing her"power"... I mean, Shannon did not commit a crime, but she's sentencing her to the Maximum crime punishment with a severe face, lol. It is almost threatening. #rhoc
Why did #BRAVO bring Heather back? She's a bully and she loves to threaten people, because she thinks she's better than anybody. Heather is the brunette version of Erika Girardi! #RHOC
ok soa) heather is iconicb) heather is also a liability…threatening to quit the show and now basically threaten to sue cast members for their life within 3 episodes? yeah this won’t end well#RHOC…
I was excited to have Heather back but seeing her treat Shannon this way again is gross. #RHOC
Heather is even more repulsive than before. We’re done @BravoTV #RHOC
When it was When Heatherofficial that started this Heather was vendetta vs back. Shannon.#RHOC
@yolandafister Ew wtf Heather… respectfully this is not what we were missing #RHOC
So next week Heather THREATENS Shannon… who TF does she think she is? She wasn’t even in this episode. Not feeling her return at all #RHOC

Why are Shannon Beador and Heather Dubrow fighting?

The latest season of Real Housewives of Orange County, aka RHOC, is currently centered around a major dramatic storyline. It's about how Beador revealed a secret about Dubrow’s family to Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson off-camera, and the duo turned it into a huge mess.

Apparently, the new cast member and Dubrow’s friend Nicole James once sued the millionaire’s husband Terry Dubrow.

At Dubrow’s house party, Kirschenheiter spilled the beans, which Beador had asked her to keep it to herself. This turned into a big drama where Dubrow refused to accept Beador’s apology.

In the latest episode, Beador apologized again via text, but Dubrow blasted at her in response.

When will ‘RHOC’ episode 4 air?


The upcoming episode will bring Dubrow and Beador face-to-face. How will the latter react after receiving a threat from Dubrow? Only time will tell.

Speculation is rife that Bravo desperately wants Dubrow on the show, thus the network might hire or fire as per her wishes.

Apart from the two housewives’ drama, the show is also focusing on newcomer Noella Bergener’s divorce. She started off this season where her personal life was shown to be quite happening with her husband James Bergener.

However, things got ugly when the news of his tax fraud came to light. According to reports, he was in debt of over $5.8 million.

The latest episode showed Noella video calling Beador and saying that her husband left her and their son. So, this season will also revolve around Noella’s divorce and her struggle to survive as a single mother.

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