Hell’s Kitchen season 21 episode 14 release date, air time, and plot

Hell's Kitchen's upcoming episode to feature the top four (Image via Instagram/@hellskitchenfox)

Hell’s Kitchen is all set to return with another exciting episode this week. In the upcoming segment, the top four contestants will continue their fight for the final prize. The synopsis of the upcoming episode, titled Lights, Camera, Sabotage, reads:

"The remaining four chefs are challenged to create a stunning seafood dish to be featured in Entertainment Weekly; at dinner service, each chef takes turns running the pass while chef Ramsay tests their attention to detail."

Hell’s Kitchen season 21 episode 14 is set to air on Thursday, February 2, at 8 pm ET on Fox.

What to expect from the upcoming episode of Hell’s Kitchen season 21?

In the upcoming episode of Hell’s Kitchen season 21, the competition will be down to the final four, who are ready for the next challenge. In the upcoming episode, titled Lights, Camera, Sabotage, contestants will create seafood dishes that will be featured in Entertainment Weekly as Gerrad Hall, executive editor of the publication, acts as a guest judge alongside Gordon Ramsey.

Dafne will create a sea urchin polenta with clams, mussels, and lobster, while Alejandro serves the judges seared branzino and Thai green curry with roasted vegetables and micro herbs. Meanwhile, Sommer will opt to create a multi-colored potato-crusted snapped with a fish skin-infused beurre sauce, while Alex will serve seared and poached striped bass with a crispy fish-skin chicharrón and parsnip uni butter sauce.


In a sneak peek uploaded to YouTube, the chefs are seen working away at their stations during the last minutes of the round. In a confessional, the Hell’s Kitchen season 21 contestant Alejandro said that “this is what the top four is all about.” He added that it is going to take all the techniques and skills that all these chefs have to crack the round, adding:

"I just want to prove to people and Chef Ramsey that I have what it takes."

Dafne, on the other hand, seems a little stressed out in the promo as the head chef informs them that they only have three minutes left. In her confessional, she tells herself to create something beautiful and to be a “mad scientist.” At the 30-second mark, Alex is seen being busy focusing on plating to make sure that he executes the dish perfectly.

Gerrad Hall will enter the Hell’s Kitchen season 21 kitchen to judge the dishes and tells them that he’s excited and hungry. Gordon asks him how important “visual content” is for him, and he said it’s everything, explaining:

"We like to direct our readers to the best things in TV and movies but also in food before food for me is entertainment."

The last contestant to serve her dish will be Chef Dafne, and ahead of the presentation, Dafne is seen sharing that she feels very confident about the plates. She tells the judges that being a Los Angeles native, she wanted to bring the ocean to them. Commenting on the dish, she said:

"For the plate you have that beautiful ocean color and then a sea urchin polenta represents the sands. All the clams in there and the mussels and lobster that defines all the beautiful creatures that are in the ocean."

After tasting her food, Gerrad said that the dish was doing things to him. The judges described the dish as beautiful, elegant, and delicious.

Tune in on Thursday, February 2, at 8 pm ET on Fox to watch the latest episode of Hell’s Kitchen season 21.

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