"Holy sh*t, Tina you look incredible!": When Corpse Husband made TinaKitten blush with his wholesome compliments

Corpse Husband x TinaKitten
Corpse Husband x TinaKitten's interactions continue to win hearts online
Modified 26 Apr 2021

In a throwback clip that recently surfaced online, Corpse Husband left fellow streamer TinaKitten red-faced after he showered her with wholesome compliments on stream.

Over the course of his streaming career, the 23-year-old faceless sensation has befriended several streamers, including the likes of Sykkuno, Rachel "Valkyrae" Hofstetter, and Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang.

From being a vital member of the "Amigops" to the newly formed "Salad Gang" opposite BrookeAB, Karl Jacobs, and TinaKitten, Corpse Husband's popularity continues to grow leaps and bounds.

With regards to TinaKitten, her interactions with Corpse Husband never fail to leave fans in awe.

Corpse Husband x TinaKitten's wholesome friendship wins over the internet

Back in February, TinaKitten appeared to be upset over the fact that she had broken her keyboard. As the rest of the group tried to cheer her up, Corpse Husband too chimed in and ended up making her blush in the process.

Upon seeing TinaKitten's face, Corpse Husband made this endearing remark:

"Wait what! Tina looks great! What the f**k! I just moved the discord overlay a little bit over and I saw her. Holy sh*t! Tina you look incredible "

His comment ended up taking TinaKitten by surprise, as she covered her face in a rather shy manner and awkwardly replied:

"Thank you, was just a sweatshirt , it was eight dollars you know. I didn't wear any earrings today , I was really late by a few minutes, um.."

In another popular clip from the same stream, while the rest of the group continued to tease TinaKitten, Corpse Husband casually interjected to compliment her choice of outfit:

"Wait Tina, I love your outfit. What the f**k! Tina just makes everything look good. "

The aforementioned interaction served as one of the first examples of their wholesome friendship.

Image via OTV & Friends/ YouTube
Image via OTV & Friends/ YouTube
Image via OTV & Friends/ YouTube
Image via OTV & Friends/ YouTube

Be it Sykkuno or TinaKitten; there is certainly no dearth of wholesome content when it comes to Corpse Husband's interactions with his close friends.

Published 26 Apr 2021
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