"Hoping he's okay": Fans express concern as Post Malone falls through onstage trap door during concert

Post Malone accidentally falls through an onstage trap door. (Image via Getty Images/Thaddaeus McAdams)
Post Malone accidentally falls through an onstage trap door. (Image via Getty Images/Thaddaeus McAdams)

In one of his concerts on September 17 at the Enterprise Center in St. Louis, singer Post Malone fell straight through the stage and crashed onto the floor while injuring his torso and head. As per LadBible, the floor in the extended area of the stage that opened out in the middle of the crowd suddenly gave way below him.

Since hearing the news, fans and well-wishers have been concerned about the artist, who was previously busy touring the United States and Canada. A worried fan tweeted:

"Posty is a champion. Falling down and continuing to perform. It was such a scary moment for us to witness, and I’m hoping he’s okay."
I can’t believe I took those. My dream came true tonight. 😭❀️ Also, Posty is a champion. Falling down and continuing to perform. It was such a scary moment for us to witness, and I’m hoping he’s okay. Such a great show! @PostMalone

As per the tweet, Malone continued performing even after the incident. He was reportedly in the middle of his popular song Circles when the mishap took place. He reportedly took a short break from the concert and started performing again once he felt fit.

Twitter sends positive messages to Post Malone amid his recent injury due to a trap door dysfunction

Seeing the videos of Post Malone falling on stage broke my heart πŸ₯ΊπŸ˜­

Post Malone's fans have been tweeting about him ever since the internet found out about the accident. TikTok footage from fans captured one of his legs falling directly through the stage as Malone fell onto the floor.

Post Malone falling at St. Louis (vid court. my brother)

Lauding the singer for showing the utmost professionalism while in pain, many fans tweeted:

@BabushkaLUVR_ This is so sad ..but he came back on stage after 3 broken ribs ...this man βœŒοΈπŸ’–πŸ’ͺ
I keep seeing videos of Post Malone falling off stage last night and getting hurt, then he FINISHED his show. We really don’t deserve that man
damn that video of post malone falling looks so painful :/ i hope hes okay

The singer was reportedly clutching his ribs in pain as the crowd expressed utter shock over the sudden incident.

Post Malone injured after falling on stage

On Twitter, fans were also furious about the stage management and expressed their dissatisfaction.

@prosu @PostMalone @JustinHawkins post malone apologising to fans for him falling in a hole, clearly the venues fault
Post Malone falling through his stage has me SHOOK
damn. i’m praying for post .. i just seen that video of him falling on stage & possibly bruising his ribs. @PostMalone β€” whoever didn’t close the opening in the floor shouldn’t be assigned to that important job for ANY artist. omg, i hope he’s ok! he went down HARD! πŸ™πŸΎπŸ«ΆπŸΎ

Many concerned netizens have been asking the people at the concert to keep them posted about Post Malone's updates.

@imstevenhorn If you're there tonight or if u know someone there pls keep us posted how Austin is doing !!! I'm freaking out really badly rn. πŸ˜’πŸ˜«πŸ˜­πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™ thanks
@PostMalone from everyone in STL, we want to THANK YOU for being a trooper❀️❀️❀️ PLEASE do not apologize for falling, we are all just grateful you’re okay❀️😘

What happened during the show?


As per TMZ, the hole in the stage that was being used to lower his guitar was not covered up. The publication also notes that an eyewitness stated that after falling down, Post Malone's legs were shaking uncontrollably. Soon, medics rushed in to tend to him.

During the incident, Malone asked the concert-goers to give him a few minutes while he collected himself. He was able to stand up and walk off the stage with the help of the stage managers. After fifteen minutes, Malone came up on stage and completed his songs. He sang two of his other tracks, Rockstar and Cooped Up, while clutching his ribs.

Post Malone also thanked his fans for waiting and jokingly noted that there was a "big-a** hole in the stage."

After completing the gig, Malone also stayed behind to sign autographs and interact with his fans.

Many fans have been praising Malone for handling the situation so well. Many concert-goers mentioned that Malone also apologized, which was not necessary, given his condition.

Another angle of his tumble #PostMalone still the show went on. A true professional. It really looked bad from the higher angles.

Nothing has been posted about further cancelations of his shows, so fans are hoping that his "Twelve Carat Tour" in Columbus will be carried out as scheduled. Neither Post Malone nor his team has detailed anything about the situation or his recent condition.

After Columbus, Post Malone is also set to perform in other locations, including Toronto, after which the singer will return to the United States for his shows in places like Boston, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.

His "Twelve Carat Gold Tour" began last weekend with Omaha as the first location.

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