Hospital Playlist season 2, ending explained: It's a happy ending for all but fans who won't get another season

A still of Seok-hyeong, Jeong-won, Ik-jun, Song-hwa, and Jun-wan from Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 12 (Image via tvn_drama/Instagram)
A still of Seok-hyeong, Jeong-won, Ik-jun, Song-hwa, and Jun-wan from Hospital Playlist season 2, episode 12 (Image via tvn_drama/Instagram)

Hospital Playlist season 2 came to an end on September 16, and with it, viewers experienced a bittersweet farewell.

It was bittersweet because the show ended on an extremely happy note, but the end also meant that viewers don't have a heartwarming show to fill their Thursdays anymore.

The finale of Hospital Playlist 2 also indicated clearly that there would be no further seasons. At least not anytime soon.

The song during the end credits did symbolize meeting sometime again. However, it might not be in the form of a new season.

Here's how all of the audience's favorite doctors got their happy endings in Hospital Playlist season 2

First, Song-hwa and Ik-jun. The two decided to date in the previous episode, but the one to break the news to the other boys — Jeong-won, Jun-wan, and Seok-hyeong — was Song-hwa.

Jun-wan asked if she and Ik-jun would be free the weekend. He had asked the others, but they were busy meeting their girlfriends. He had assumed that Song-hwa and Ik-jun would be free.

After all, the two were currently single, according to the other men. That's when she announced that the two were dating. No one believed her at first in Hospital Playlist season 2.

Seok-hyeong, Jeong-won, and Jun-wan, in fact, promised to transfer their wealth to her name if it were true.

She found the whole thing hilarious and told the men to repeat everything so that she could record it all. It was Seok-hyeong who realized Song-hwa was serious about dating Ik-jun.

His reaction when he realized the truth was equally hilarious. He was happy for Song-hwa, but the shock was quite apparent. The two ended up together after all the build-up.

Second, Seong-hyeok and Min-ah. After realizing that Min-ah was it for him, the former managed to go all out in Hospital Playlist season 2. He went out on dates, told his mother about Min-ah, and made it seem as if he was staying back in Korea only because of her and has set up an excellent first impression.

They are expected to have smooth sailing moving forward, and their first kiss was wonderful.

Jeong-won and Gyeo-ul are also set to meet each other's parents in Hospital Playlist season 2. The latter's mother has found strength within herself after all the abuse she has faced in the past. She is rebuilding her life slowly, and Gyeo-ul is happy with her mother's progress.

So she told her mother about the man she was in love with, and that's how Jeong-won scored an invite for dinner at their home. He is a patient man, and his patience with Gyeo-ul paid off.

The two are also headed to the US for a year so that Jeong-won can study small bowel transplantation surgery.

Finally, Jun-wan. He found his happy ending in Hospital Playlist season 2 with Ik-sun. The two were never over each other. Ik-jun also pushed the two together and invoked their hidden feelings for each other.

Their patch-up scene is a call back to the first time that the two of them met.

The last scene in Hospital Playlist season 2 was of the five doctors watching a beautiful sunset indicating that the show had indeed come to a beautiful end.

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Edited by Ravi Iyer