House of the Dragon season 2 leak suggests the return of the White Walkers in the sequel

Leaked image from HOTD 2 hints at White Walkers in the show (Image via HBO)
Leaked image from HOTD 2 hints at White Walkers in the show (Image via HBO)

A leaked photo from the sets of the House of the Dragon season 2 production from a source that goes by the name of Redanian Intelligence, has gone viral as it hints at the inclusion of White Walkers into the plot. The leaked image is a snapshot of a makeup room that shows a collage of the undead on the wall in the background. This has created a furore among fans waiting to lap up any information on the closed-door filming of House of the Dragon season 2.

Aiming for a 2024 release, House of the Dragon season 2 is currently in the last stages of filming, after which it will go into post-production.

The popular prequel series of The Game of Thrones is being shot outdoors and inside the studios with some breathtaking backdrops for the sequences in the storyline.

Previous leaks from the sets have given out snippets of information such as the inclusion of The Wall in the North or Night’s Watchman on horseback.

Disclaimer: This article may contain spoilers.

Hints of White Walkers and the Undead in House of the Dragon season 2

An image from the makeup room of the sets of Leavesden Studios in England showed a collage on the makeup board of the room. The image looked like the interior of a makeup trailer where the actors are prepped up before filming. The image shows UNDEAD written on it with pictures of people in different profile shots showing the final look of the undead.

This has sparked off the rumor that possibly the House of the Dragon season 2 will be showcasing the White Walkers from the story of The Game of Thrones.

Most of the leaks come from the show’s fans and enthusiasts who post photographs clicked on the set and reveal news from the filming that is supposed to wrap up in October.

While these create speculations about the stage of filming or the elements in the plot, this above-mentioned leak has sparked controversy. The true fans are unhappy as the White Walkers’ presence in House of the Dragon season 2 is not canon.

However, fans who have been following the first season of the show closely know that Jacaerys was supposed to go to the North in Winterfell to meet Creagan Stark.

The meeting was to be shown in House of the Dragon season 2 when the two were to ride to the Wall. Whether they meet any White Walker while on this journey, remains to be seen.

Who are the White Walkers?

The White Walkers, also called The Others, are humanoid-like creatures from George R. R. Martin’s book named A Song of Ice and Fire. They live in the region north of the Wall of Westeros away from the rest of mankind.

According to the book, these iconic creatures are a supernatural threat to the humans as those killed by the Others transform into undead called “wights”.

The powerful creatures are accompanied by severe cold temperatures and are pale, whitish-blue in color. They are led by the mighty and dangerous “Night King”. While the White Walkers are vulnerable to dragon-glass and dragon-steel, the Wights can be destroyed by fire.

While the Targaryens have nothing to do with the creatures of the North as per the source material, the TV series is not strictly true to the book but deviates slightly in places.

This makes the non-canon possibility of the undead or the White Walkers’ existence in the upcoming show something to look out for.

Watch out for House of the Dragon season 2 to be released in the spring of 2024 on HBO.

Edited by Prem Deshpande