One Piece: How and when does Ace die?

Portgas D. Ace (Image via Pinterest/
Portgas D. Ace (Image via Pinterest/

One Piece features one of the most diverse casts of any manga series. It includes a wide array of characters, with many more still to come. Having been spoiled for choice, fans have had a hard time choosing their favorite. However, it is widely agreed across the One Piece fanbase that everyone loves Portgas D. Ace.


Ace was the son of the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger. He was raised with his sworn brothers, Sabo and Luffy. In One Piece, Ace held great importance both before and after the time skip. He played a significant role in the first half of the story and also had direct involvement in the Marineford War, the biggest event of the Great Pirate Era.

All this made Ace one of the most popular One Piece characters, not only in the story but amongst fans. Being so loved meant that fans built an emotional attachment to him, making his death all the more tragic. But how and when exactly did Ace die?

How did Portgas D. Ace die in One Piece?

It all started when Blackbeard wanted to punish Teach because he was in Ace’s division. Ace, on the other hand, had no clue who Teach was or what his intentions were. Teach managed to defeat Ace and handed him over to the Marines.

This catalyzed the Marineford War, one of the most legendary arcs in One Piece. Legends, Fleet Admiral Sengoku, Garp, Whitebeard, Shichibukai and Marines were all present and active during this fight.


Ace was eventually set free by the pirates. However, he opted to give his life in place of Luffy in order to save him from Admiral Akainu. Ace’s death rocked the One Piece fanbase to its core. Not only was this gem of a character gone, but it was surprising because One Piece was not known for killing off characters.

Who really killed Portgas D. Ace?

After reading up on the events that led to Ace’s death, it can be deduced that he was killed by Admiral Akainu. Every One Piece fan who hates Akainu knows this is his most heinous crime. A crime that took the nicest pirate away from his many fans.

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Akainu attempted to manipulate Squard to betray Whitebeard. He then proceeded to brutally injure Whitebeard and kill Ace. Of course, this prompted a mass attack on Akainu, despite the possibility of him killing his adversaries.

In which episode of One Piece does Ace die?

For those wanting to know which episode of One Piece Portgas D. Ace died in, it was Episode 483.

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