How Building Roots' Ben and Crista Dozier transformed an old Mexican barn into a modern home

Ben and Cristi Dozier(Image via bendozier/Instagram)
Ben and Cristi Dozier(Image via bendozier/Instagram)
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Building Roots's Episode 2 aired on April 17. The episode showcased the magical transformation of a Mexican house into a colorful open-area home.

HGTV show Building Roots follows power couple Ben and Cristi Dozier as they build and renovate a few "out-of-the-ordinary, unique homes." Ben designs and builds the homes, and Cristi decorates them.

Building Roots couple pull off an impossible renovation

On tonight's episode of Building Roots, the couple helped some clients by renovating their old house into a modern family home. The couple noticed right away that the area surrounding the home was very beautiful and they wanted to connect the inside and outside. The home also had a Mexican vibe.

The project started off on the wrong foot as Ben accidentally cut off a big piece of the wooden framework, making the construction crew replace it all.

To match the Mexican roots of the house, Ben painted the kitchen blue and chose a plain kitchen counter. He also added a trifold door to the patio to make it look bigger. He then replaced all the woodwork on the patio, making it stronger and more durable. The couple added a beautiful slide on to the patio for their client's young daughter.

The couple used many copper accessories like copper sinks and copper artifacts as asked by their client. Ben also put in a new wooden header on the roof to give it a high desert vibe.

The couple made sure to connect the Mexican roots of their client's home to the mountain heritage of the client's family. Combining the experience with the design, the home was decorated completely with Mexican pieces collected by the clients.

The client was astonished by the colorful renovation and said:

"Feels like I am in a different house!"

On this episode of Building Roots, the couple transformed their friend's cattle ranch, constructed like a Mexican barn, into a wedding venue within 72 hours. Ben used dark paint and new steel walls to give the place a rustic and elegant touch. He installed a hidden fridge in the kitchen.

Cristi cleaned up the wagon wheels of a chandellier and decorated it with new crystals. She decorated the ranch with lots of lanterns and 2 new coffee tables. The couple increased the sitting area by removing a wall from the barn and adding in a bar space to the counter.

The couple's friend was very impressed by the modification and said,

"Oh my god, This is insane, I can't even believe this is my ranch"

Fans can watch new episodes of Building Roots every Sunday on HGTV at 9.00 pm ET/PT. Viewers can also watch the series on HGTV GO on the same day as the TV premiere of the new episodes.

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