"How can you wake up and live with yourself?": Jessie James Decker breaks down after reading hateful Reddit comments about her weight gain 

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Country singer Jessie James Decker took to her Instagram stories on July 14th to express her emotions after being trolled on Reddit for gaining weight.

The 33-year old singer was sent a reddit page filled with offensive comments attacking the singer for her weight gain. In the Instagram stories she posted, fans could see her breakdown and left shocked by people’s perception of body image in the 21st century.

The Italian-born singer is popular for country music and also dabbled with pop. She has always been upfront about her weight and body and has spoken about body positivity.

Jessie James Decker has also been the spokesperson for the South Beach Diet, which she has promoted on her Instagram. The singer later went on to practice the diet to lose weight after the birth of her third child.

What went down in Jessie James Decker's Instagram stories?

The singer delved right into the matter. Jessie James Decker was upfront about her fluctuating weight and how confident she was in herself despite the changing weight. She then addressed the elephant in the room,

“I have recently been sent a reddit page that rips me apart on a daily basis and they’re talking about how apparently fat I have gotten. And how boxy and how terrible my body looks. They are accusing me of editing my body and all these things. I cannot believe that this is still happening in the world, that people are still doing this. Yes, I have gained weight, a 100% I used to obsess over it trying to stay a certain weight and in the past one year I decided to just let myself live.”

Jessie James Decker then spoke more about her lifestyle, saying that she works out and eats what she wants and admitted to have gained 10 pounds. The country singer revealed that she used to be 115 pounds but that she is not anymore.

"I eat what I want and I’m happy with that but when you are writing blogs and stories and bullying me about how much weight I have gained and how fat my thighs are I do take that offensively. What is the messaging you are sharing? It is so disgusting the things I found. What I have discovered, I cannot believe that there are people who say this to other people, how can you live with yourself ?" - Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker then took a break from continuing as she felt like she was becoming too emotional about the matter.

Image via Instagram
Image via Instagram

She continued,

"I hope my daughter doesn’t grow up in a world where people do this to her. It’s wrong and I think we all need to do better. I’m hiding in the bathroom because I have a little girl and I don’t want this to affect her.”

Jessie James Decker ended her Instagram stories chat by pulling herself together and holding her chin up saying,

“Just know you’re not alone. I’m going to wipe my tears and pull myself together because I’m a mom. If you don’t like me then leave me alone. If you don’t like what I say, if you don’t like what I do, leave me alone. Don’t obsess over my pictures, don’t look at my posts, if you don’t like me, leave me alone.”

Earlier in May, Jessie James Decker went through breast augmentation and proudly showed off her body transformation. She revealed that she was sure of getting it done after giving birth to her last child.

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