How to catch Sudowoodo in Pokemon GO

(Image via Sportskeeda)
(Image via Sportskeeda)

The weeks leading up to the Pokemon GO Kanto Tour are turning out to be pretty interesting.

Trainers in Pokemon GO are currently participating in an event called the Johto Collection Challenge, where they need to catch a specific set of Pokemon.


Sudowoodo is one such Pokemon that trainers need to catch to complete the Johto Collection Challenge in Pokemon GO.

This obnoxious looking Pokemon is the evolved form of Bonsly and is a Rock-type Pokemon, despite looking like a tree.

Catching a Sudowoodo in Pokemon GO


The Sudowoodo is comparatively tricky to catch in Pokemon GO compared to the other Pokemon on this list. However, there's an easier way to do it, but for that, trainers will need to have an open spot on their field research panel.

There's one specific field research that has trainers catch five Grass-type Pokemon. Completing this task will reward players with a Sudowoodo encounter in the game.

Completing this field research is pretty easy. However, acquiring it depends on how lucky the trainers are. Field researches can be obtained by spinning Pokestops in the game.

So, trainers may have to spin quite a few Pokestops to receive this field research if they're unlucky. They can delete any unwanted field researches that they already have to make space for this particular field research.


Sudowoodo isn't boosted in the wild, so coming across it won't be easy. There's no guarantee if using incense or applying a magnetic lure module at a Pokestop would be useful in Pokemon GO. This field research is, by far, the best bet and the easiest way for trainers to encounter the Sudowoodo in Pokemon GO.

Completing the Johto Collection Challenge will reward trainers with 15 Pokeballs, ten ultra balls, and an incense. Trainers will also get rewarded with a shiny new Elite Collector medal, which they can show off to their other trainer friends in Pokemon GO.

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