Best ways to gain XP quickly in Pokemon GO

Image via Niantic
Image via Niantic

For games like Pokemon GO, grinding XP is more of a task for trainers, especially those who have just started playing the game.

Leveling up quickly is something which almost every trainer looks forward to in the game because they get to encounter Pokemon with higher CP at higher levels.

Best ways to level up quickly in Pokemon GO

The easiest way to obtain XP in Pokemon GO is by producing good curve ball throws in Pokemon GO. Although mastering this throw is difficult, it does grant players a good amount of XP for each solid throw.

Although this isn't the fastest way to earn XP in Pokemon GO, this is probably the best way to go about it. Leveling up to "Best Friends" status with friends on Pokemon GO will grant trainers 100,000 XP. It does take 90 days to reach this status, but then again, the daily grind is totally worth it.

Using a lucky egg grants double XP, so timing the lucky egg with leveling up a friend to the "Best Friends" status in Pokemon GO, can grant trainers double the XP.

If trainers do have multiple Pokemon stacked up in Pokemon GO, then coupling multiple evolutions with the effect of a lucky egg can also potentially grant a good chunk of XP to players as well.

If trainers can evolve their Pokemon during spotlight hour in Pokemon GO, they can further boost their XP gain in the game.

Tier 5 raids in Pokemon GO grant around 10,000 XP to players. So, completing multiple raids during raid hours can grant a good chunk of XP. If trainers can couple this task with a lucky egg, they'll be sinking in XP in no time whatsoever.


However, higher tier raids require the participation of multiple trainers, which is slightly tough to achieve at times.

When it comes to grinding XP by evolving Pokemon though, trainers need to focus on Pokemon like Pidgey or Weedle. These Pokemon need less candy to evolve and are available in abundance in the wild. Finally, hatching eggs while the lucky egg bonus is active will also net trainers a good amount of XP.

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