How did Lil Kawaii die? Cause of death explored as community mourns the rapper's demise

Rapper Lil Kawaii dies after suspected drug overdose (Images via Instagram)
Rapper Lil Kawaii dies after suspected drug overdose (Images via Instagram)

Musician Lil Kawaii was pronounced dead today. The Left On Read artist was a friend of Lil Tracy, a fellow rapper in the music industry. The news of Kawaii’s death came as a shock to many. The rapper’s family and friends took to social media to mourn the death of Lil Kawaii. One fan wrote:

“R.I.P #LilKawaii Just from the few mins we got to talk I knew you were a good soul and I’ll never forget you or your music.”

How did Lil Kawaii die?

The US-based musician had amassed over 20K followers on Instagram and went by the username @_lilkawaii_. Details regarding his age are not available online, but according to his Instagram, Lil Kawaii was born on June 27. In one of his birthday posts, he had written:

“…I’m so thankful to be alive and i can’t believe I’m still here tbh. Thanks to everyone that sent birthday wishes and I’m glad to have all of you in my life thanks for rockin w me…”

Lil Kawaii’s friend @SLAYLONIE announced on Twitter that Kawaii died due to substance overdose. Her tweet read:

“Three days ago, my friend Inju passed away from an overdose. Last night, I hosted her vigil. This morning, I woke up to the news of another friend dying from overdose. Please take care of your friends & keep them safe. Wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone. RIP INJU & RIP LIL KAWAII.”

Fans of the rapper paid tribute to him online.

The new talent in the music industry revealed on 15 August 2021 that he was interested in creating an album and collaborating with other artists. Lil Kawaii wrote on Instagram:

“Working on my first album!! Who should be on it.”

The Muscle Up artist was known to create music similar to his friend Lil Tracy. They both collaborated for several songs, including I Love My Fans.

Lil Tracy has amassed over 1.1 million followers on Instagram. He took to platform today to post a picture with the caption “RIP LIL KAWAII.”

As Lil Tracy received the news of his friend’s passing, he said to his followers in an Instagram Story:

"Stop taking fake drugs."

Lil Tracy also posted pictures of himself with Lil Kawaii on his IG Stories while mourning the loss of his friend. His Story caption read:

“I can’t f***ing believe this sh*t rest in peace to my twin brother I can’t believe this sh**, I love you so much.”

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