How to make a playlist on TikTok? Steps revealed

The Creator playlist on TikTok lets content creators organise their videos (Image via AP images/ImageChina)
The Creator playlist on TikTok lets content creators organise their videos (Image via AP images/ImageChina)

Tiktok has recently rolled out a new feature called "Creator Playlist" where certain creators can make a playlist of their own videos, which will then be displayed on their profile page. However, not everyone has access to this feature yet.

The feature helps TikTok creators categorize their videos under separate themes and enables viewers to find relevant content in a series.

TikTok has been working hard to introduce new content-creator friendly features to attract more creators to their platform. The Creator playlist feature has proven to be beneficial for TikTokers, as it keeps viewers glued to their profile for longer and improves their engagement figures.

How to make a TikTok playlist?

There are two ways to make playlists of your public videos on TikTok:

1) Create a playlist from your profile

  • Open the app
  • Go to "Profile" tab on the bottom right
  • Under the "Videos" tab, click on "sort video into playlists", or tap the + button next to existing playlists
  • Type a name for the playlist
  • Add videos to the playlist
  • Tap "create playlist" to complete

2) Create a playlist directly from a video on TikTok

  • Open the app
  • Find a public video that you want to make a playlist from
  • Tap on the three verticle dots on the upper right of the video, or alternatively, press and hold the video
  • Tap "add to playlist", then choose "create playlist"
  • Name the playlist and add the video

How to add to an existing playlist?

If you already have a playlist on your profile, it's easy to add more videos to it.

  • Find the public video you want to add to your existing playlist
  • Click on the "Share" icon on the bottom right of the video
  • Select " Add to playlist"
  • Select the playlist you want to add the playlist to or create a new one.

You can also add a video directly to the playlist at the time of upload. Before uploading the video, tap on "add to playlist", choose the one you want and select "publish". You need to have an existing playlist ready for this method to work.

To remove a video from the playlist, choose the video you want to delete. Tap on "Share" at the bottom of the screen and select "Remove".

As a viewer, you can view the playlists on your profile by tapping on the "playlist" option between the user bio and the video feed. Select the playlist that interests you the most, and scroll through to continue watching the videos on that particular playlist.

Twitter reacts to the new feature

The few lucky creators on the video streaming app who have access to the new "Creator playlist" have expressed fairly positive reviews about it.

Some tweets stated how beneficial the feature is for content creators, calling it a "game changer."

Some users seized this opportunity and took to Twitter to introduce and promote their own playlists.

A lot of users, however, still do not have access to the future and were seen to be waiting in eager anticipation.

Currently, only certain creators have access to the playlist feature, and even they only add public videos to their playlists. Hopefully, it will be rolled out more widely in the future.

Users who do not have the feature are able to interact with it on other profiles.

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