How many contestants were eliminated in Temptation Island Season 4 Episode 5? Eliminations, relationships, and more

Temptation Island Couples of Season 4 (Image via temptationtv/Instagram)
Temptation Island Couples of Season 4 (Image via temptationtv/Instagram)
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Temptation Island Season 4 Episode 5 aired on Wednesday, April 13 on USA Network, and nine singles were eliminated.

The eliminated singles included: Alexa, Reilly, Emily, Brianna, Olivia, Brian, Andrew, Mike Melnick and Evan.

Temptation Island Season 4 tests the relationships of four couples in Maui, Hawaii as they are separated and then joined by 24 s*xy single men and women seeking everlasting love. At the end of the show, the couples can decide to leave with the partners they came in with or walk into the sunset with one of the singles.

This season's couples are:

  • Gillian Lieberman and Edgar de Santiago
  • Ash Lamiroult and Hania Stocker
  • Iris Jardiel and Luke Wechselberger
  • Ashley Rodriguez and Lascelles Lagares

Nine singles got eliminated from Temptation Island

Mark delivered a shocking plot twist during the eliminations tonight. The singles held the power to eliminate each other by voting each other out.

Brian, Andrew, Mike Melnick, Evan and Taylor were eliminated among the single men. Reilly, Emily, Meghan, Brianna and Olivia were eliminated among the women.

The couples were given three options after elimination: save one of the singles, swap one of the singles with the eliminated ones, or agree with the vote made by singles. Following the eliminitations, Ash said:

"I feel absolute devastation."

Ash and the other women chose to save Taylor, while the men swapped the results and sent Alexa home instead of Megan.

So the night's eliminated contestants included: Alexa, Reilly, Emily, Brianna, Olivia, Brian, Andrew, Mike Melnick and Evan.

What happened on Temptation Island tonight?

Luke was jealous of his partner for having fun with someone else. Gillian told Tommy that she wanted to have a sleepover with him.

Shockingly, Hania cried and revealed that he missed Ash, saying:

"It might be too late."

He confessed that he had cheated on her in the past.

Trace told Lascelles to look out for other people too and not just focus on her, while the latter announced in front of everyone that she was the one for her. Gillian was seen getting intimate with Tommy.

Ashley went on a date with Blake and said that she misses a strong emotional connection in her current relationship. Ash was seen in bed with Taylor.

Finally, both the couples and singles had a 1970s party in which Iris became the Mardigras queen.

Viewers can watch the new episodes of Temptation Island every Wednesday at 9:00 pm ET on USA Network.

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