Temptation Island contestant list: Meet the singles from USA Network's dating show

Temptation Island to premiere on March 16 at 10.00 PM ET/PT on USA network (Image via temptationtv/Instagram)
Temptation Island to premiere on March 16 at 10.00 PM ET/PT on USA network (Image via temptationtv/Instagram)
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The reality dating series Temptation Island is back on USA Network to test the bonds between “four new couples at a crossroads in their relationship." The upcoming show is set to premiere on March 16, 2022.

Hosted by Mark Lewis Walberg and shot in Maui, Hawaii, four couples will be joined by “24 s*xy single men and women looking to find everlasting love.” The show will test whether the couples are truly in love with each other or “if they will ultimately give in to the temptation from the singles looking to find "the one."

List of 24 singles on Temptation Island

1) Alexa Coppola

The 23-years-old realtor Alexa Coppola from Oradell, New Jersey, is all set to find love on the show. Due to hard work and persistence, she got her real estate license at 19 years of age.

The girl does not shy away from expressing her feelings. The outspoken Coppola loves being on the move with her friends to experience new things.

2) Brianna Hile

(Image via briannataylorrr/Instagram)
(Image via briannataylorrr/Instagram)

A Veterinary Assistant from Las Vegas, NV, Brianna loves traveling and spending her time outdoors. The 28-years-old oddities collector prefers personality over looks.

The model has even been featured in Wheels & Heels Magazine. Now, on the Temptation Island, she hopes to find her Mr. Right, who is “funny, secure, and able to communicate their feelings.”

3) Emily Berkun

A New York native, Emily Berkun is a registered nurse by profession and spends most of her time looking after the needy. The busy work schedule has kept the 29-years-old away from dating scenarios for quite a long time.

Berkun has entered the show with the hope of finding the man of her dreams, who will understand her and her demanding job.

4) Karyna Auletta

(Image via karynaaxx/Instagram)
(Image via karynaaxx/Instagram)

A mental health therapist from Irvine, CA, dealt with a “chronic illness” during her childhood days but slowly recovered from it. The 27-years-old struggled a lot during her initial days to reach the top of her profession.

The dog lover loves to hang out with her friends and family and is proud of her achievements in her professional and personal life.

5) Kryslyn Renee

Kryslyn is a 22-year-old model and waitress from Dallas, TX. She was heartbroken after being cheated on by her high school sweetheart and now she “refuses to settle for less."

The “self-proclaimed spiritualist” and a nature lover relies on “tarot cards and birth charts to understand the men she dates,” as per her show bio.

6) Madelyn Rusinyak

(Image via mmjuicyy/Instagram)
(Image via mmjuicyy/Instagram)

An environmentalist and free-spirited yoga instructor from Carrollton, Madelyn is vegan. She changed her lifestyle around five years ago to contribute to saving the planet.

On Temptation Island, the 24-years-old hopes to find someone who has a similar vibe as her and accepts her for who she is.

7) Marissa Rodriguez

The 26-years-old from Wilmington, NC is a real estate agent by profession. A true romantic by heart, Rodriguez, has decided to put herself first moving forward after breaking up with her high school sweetheart.

The now-single girl is all ready to look for a meaningful and true relationship on Temptation Island.

8) Meghan Pilkington

(Image via meghan_pilkington/Instagram)
(Image via meghan_pilkington/Instagram)

The “athletic, competitive and a self-proclaimed nerd”, has graduated with a “master’s degree to become a Speech Language Pathologist” to help those in need.

The 23-years-old fitness enthusiast from Massapequa, NY, is now all ready to find the right life partner on Temptation Island to accompany on a new journey together.

9) Olivia Chapman

A free spirit by heart, the Los Angeles, CA native is a model and a professional Roller Skater at 23. She is not afraid of competition and is ready to put her best game forward to win over her man who will “compliment her nomadic lifestyle back home.”

10) Paige Whisenant

(Image via paigewhisenant/Instagram)
(Image via paigewhisenant/Instagram)

The 30-years-old personal assistant from Los Angeles loves to live life to the fullest. The independent girl, full of energy and spark, is looking forward to finding someone special on Temptation Island who will join her on her life adventures and make new memories.

11) Reilly Moeller

Cat-lover Reilly Moeller is a pageant star. The esthetician, 24, from Davenport, who had always been criticized for her looks since her youth, was thrice ranked in the top five contestants in Miss Iowa USA. Moeller “plays 10 different instruments, enjoys mixed media sculpting and loves stirring the pot.”

12) Trace Winningham

(Image via tracewinningham/Instagram)
(Image via tracewinningham/Instagram)

The Los Angeles model and entrepreneur, 27, was born and raised in a military family and loves traveling. Many people might mistake her confidence as rude but she is a soft person at heart. She is also the founder of TRACE the brand, an upcoming lifestyle brand.

On Temptation Island, she hopes to meet someone who is as strong and determined as her and is not intimidated by her personality.

13) Andrew Kujawski

(Image via drewski400/Instagram)
(Image via drewski400/Instagram)

The 29-year-old, six-foot-one media strategist from Florida, comes from an athletic family who loves beaches, golf and his family. After healing his heart from his past broken relationship, the dog-lover is keen to find a woman who is ready to join him in his adventurous life.

14) Blake Blumenshine

(Image via blake.blume/Instagram)
(Image via blake.blume/Instagram)

The 26-year-old former farmboy is a bartender and Navy veteran from Tampa. According to his bio, during his service, he was “deployed three times and earned a special achievement medal for saving a man’s life.” The mama’s boy loves baseball, ice hockey and loves to groove on rock songs.

15) Brian Gajeski

The gym owner, 33, from Green Bay loves kids and is always ready to cheer them up. After breaking up with his ex-fiancé six years ago, Gajeski is now ready to be a family man and “hopes to find a lady who is willing to swap her for phone out for genuine, face-to-face connection,” according to his official show bio.

16) Evan Favors

(Image via evan.favors/Instagram)
(Image via evan.favors/Instagram)

Executive Recruiter from Sacramento, 30, Evan is a former footballer. The fitness enthusiast loves outdoors, and loves to “sing karaoke and nerd-out on nature documentaries” when he is not working out.

After an “abrupt ending of a six-year relationship," Favors hopes to find a lady on Temptation Island who is ready to commit and start a future with him.

17) George Maxey

The Miami native is an NFL Analyst, who was raised by his parents who were school principals. The 29 –years-old “played a season with the Bears, and then became an analyst for the Dolphins,” as per his official show bio. Maxey loves to cook for his friends and family.

18) James Patterson

(Image via jpatt____/Instagram)
(Image via jpatt____/Instagram)

The 26-years-old personal trainer from Juniper, FL is a former football player. He even runs an online fitness business. “A physically fit Army brat” never shies from conveying his feelings to his loved one. On Temptation Island, he hopes to find his soulmate who will reciprocate his love and accept him as he is.

19) Mike Melnick

A Berkeley graduate, 29, works with software sales. According to his official bio, Melnick combined his expertise “with his passion for music to successfully launch a videography company for concert events.” The skater was in a relationship but post break-up, he is ready to find love all over again on Temptation Island.

20) Mike Pedro

(Image via mikey_p7/Instagram)
(Image via mikey_p7/Instagram)

The 29-years-old Long Island native is a machine operator by profession. The “honest and loyal” Pedro has joined Temptation Island with the hope of finding a woman who will be completely committed to the relationship and will be eager to explore the future together with him.

21) Orazio "Ray Rock" Iannacone

The native of Bronx works in NY Board of Elections. The 28-years-old Italian is a family man and a true romantic at heart. He loves to write poetry and watch romantic movies in his free time. On Temptation Island, he hopes to find a romantic partner for a lifetime.

22) Taylor Patrick

(Image via therealtaylorpatrick/Instagram)
(Image via therealtaylorpatrick/Instagram)

The fitness instructor from Pompano Beach is also a contractor and is also into business development. The 25-year-old loves to party. He joined the show with the hope of looking for a soulmate who is not controlling, like his past relationship.

23) Tevin Lopez

The Queens native is a ramp agent. The 27-year-old has a twin sister. According to his bio, Lopez worked “hard during his high school years to support his family." Now, after being single for five years, he is ready to take a shot at Temptation Island and be in a meaningful relationship.

24) Tommy Soltis

(Image via tommyjsoltis/Instagram)
(Image via tommyjsoltis/Instagram)

The 25-year-old firefighter/EMT from Hollister, loves to live a nomadic life. He has traveled to over 12 countries for new experiences so far. He bought the house in 2020 and is very proud to be called a homeowner. Now with a stable career and finances, Soltis is now ready to find love on the reality dating show, Temptation Island.

These singles will showcase their charm on Temptation Island, which is set to premiere on March 16 at 10.00 PM ET/PT on USA network.

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