How many kids does Jennifer Love Hewitt have? Actor reveals how it was playing Maddie on 9-1-1 after childbirth 

Maddie in 9-1-1 (Image via Fox)
Maddie in 9-1-1 (Image via Fox)

9-1-1 star Jennifer Love Hewitt is ready to make a spectacular comeback after her phase of postpartum depression following the birth of her third child. The actress has been on maternity leave since October 2021, with her character in the show going through the same ordeal. The actress will return in the upcoming episode of the show with an impactful story.

Her character Maddie Kendall was pregnant when she disappeared from action, leaving the baby behind for Howie "Chimney" Haan, played by Kenneth Choi, to take care of. There have been a lot of questions regarding Maddie's character, all of which, as Hewitt promises, will be answered in the upcoming episode of 9-1-1.

"It was strange and a little daunting": 9-1-1 star Jennifer Love Hewitt

Hewitt, who gave birth to her third child with her husband Brian Hallisay, spoke to Entertainment Tonight about her struggles and her subsequent return to the show portraying Maddie's postpartum depression. This has been shown on TV before, but the way Fox did it is exceptional, according to Hewitt.

Speaking about her return, she told Entertainment Tonight,

"I knew when we started the storyline where it was going to end up. And taking the break to go have a real baby and then come back to it was strange and a little daunting."

She further commented,

"t was really important to us to tell the real story. PPD, postpartum depression, has been done on other shows, it's something that's out there. It's something that people talk about. But it's usually a lighter version of what that looks like. Or the diagnosis is lighter than what Maddie has dealt with."

It is clear that Hewitt and the showrunners have a lot to say through Maddie. This episode will certainly be a powerful one, and hopefully address an issue that is not talked about enough. Hewitt has described the experience as cathartic. She shared,

"But what made this part interesting is having to go back to work with a four-and-a-half-month-old, five-month-old baby."

The 9-1-1 star also recounted how different PPDs can be. Reflecting on her own return, she continued,

"I was so very much in my own postpartum journey. Having to play Maddie in the middle of hers, which is a little bit different than mine, but having to do that every day -- it was really hard. But it was also very cathartic and really interesting. I feel it kind of helped me in my own journey, sort of pushed through faster and be able to have a place to put it and to understand all those things that we could go through as women."

Fans will certainly await the upcoming episode of the Fox drama, which will answer all the questions regarding fan-favorite Maddie. Jennifer Love Hewitt further commented on her feelings after becoming a mother of three, saying that she could do it.

The upcoming episode of 9-1-1 will air on March 28, 2022. Stay tuned for more updates.

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