How ‘No Way Home’ fixed Green Goblin

The Green Goblin in 'No Way Home' (Image via Sony)
The Green Goblin in 'No Way Home' (Image via Sony)

Disclaimer: Spoilers ahead.

By now, most Spidey fans have already seen No Way Home and have lauded the film for its characters and growth as a Spider-man film. While the film has a multitude of villains, there is one villain that stuck out from the rest. That was, of course, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin.


The Green Goblin has had so much lore throughout the Spider-Man culture and is easily delineated as the best Spidey villain in the hero’s rogues gallery. However, that doesn't mean that the villain was perfect in the first installment of the Spidey franchise.

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Here are a few reasons how the latest Web-head film was able to fix Green Goblin.

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‘No Way Home’ fixes Green Goblin

It did away with the original campy suit

The shattered Goblin mask in 'No Way Home' (Image via Sony)
The shattered Goblin mask in 'No Way Home' (Image via Sony)

One thing that was incredibly lambasted by many fans was the look of the goblin suit. Dafoe did his best work as the Goblin but his suit looked like something out of failed concept art for Power Rangers. It also didn’t help that the CGI was terribly made.

No Way Home was able to remedy the Goblin’s appearance when Norman Osborn took back control, keeping the Green Goblin personality at bay and destroying his much-maligned Goblin helmet. Towards the film’s climax, Goblin sported a green and purple hoodie, which looked lightyears better than the previous 2002 film.

It made Green Goblin more threatening

Dafoe and Holland in 'No Way Home' (Image via Sony)
Dafoe and Holland in 'No Way Home' (Image via Sony)

In the original Spider-Man film, Goblin was a cartoonish and dastardly baddie that took control of Normon Osborn’s mind and made him kill and threaten other people in a Jekyll-and-Hyde type of persona. However, Gobbie never amounted to anything except a villain that looked and felt like he was made specifically for a children’s Saturday morning cartoon series.

Given that the stakes are a lot higher in No Way Home, Goblin, using his villainy once again, poses a much bigger threat for Parker and his variants. His villainy is only magnified when he entices many of the other villains to turn on Parker and run amok in the city.

Norman Osborn was more sympathetic

Willem Dafoe and his Green Goblin persona (Image via Sony)
Willem Dafoe and his Green Goblin persona (Image via Sony)

Given that the Goblin is threatening, his innocent counterpart Norman remains a broken man still trying his best to hold the Goblin persona off and make peace with his son. Norman seems more like a tortured victim of the Green Goblin’s cruel game of cat and mouse.

This is only cemented when Osborn attempts to seek refuge at a shelter run by Aunt May and even attempts to help Parker with the other villains until his Goblin persona takes control of his mind once again.

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