How old are Criminal Minds' original cast members and where are they now?

A still from Criminal Minds (Image via CBS)
A still from Criminal Minds (Image via CBS)

When discussing the most prominent shows in television history, Criminal Minds always makes it to the list. It's been almost two years since the show departed the network after 15 seasons and multiple admirable characters. Many will share fond memories of the show and its characters, who stayed in the mainstream for a long period of time.

The show began on September 22, 2005, and continued till February 19, 2020. It had 324 episodes in between. Despite the numerous cast changes, some characters remain more impressionable than others in viewers' minds. Some of these actors quickly moved on to other projects while others engaged in different ventures, and it has not been that smooth of a transition.

Read on to find out where each of the actors from Criminal Minds are today.

A.J. Cook, Mandy Patinkin, and 3 other cast members from season 1 of Criminal Minds and where are they now

1) Thomas Gibson — Aaron ‘Hotch’ Hotchner

One of the most beloved characters from the show's original set, Gibson played the FBI Supervisory Special Agent and Unit Chief of the BAU Aaron Hotchner. He also had one of the most intriguing stories in Criminal Minds.

Gibson allegedly resigned from the show in season 12 after a scandal involving him having a fight with a scriptwriter. He has not worked in many films or shows since then. He is currently 60 years old.

2) Mandy Patinkin — Jason Gideon

Mandy Patkin has been a pivotal part of Criminal Minds since the first season. The theater veteran played one of the most intriguing characters in the series for ten years before he was killed off in season 10. His character's death came as a major hit for the fans.

He has worked on several big shows and films since then, including a stint in Homeland. Patkin also played a pivotal role in The Good Fight. He is currently 69 years old and does not look like he is slowing down anytime soon.

3) Shemar Moore — Derek Morgan

Shemar Moore was another integral character in Criminal Minds, who was a series regular since the first season. He became a guest star in season 12 and finally exited in the 14th season. Described as "a confident, assertive, and often hot-tempered character," he was a favorite among Criminal Minds fans.

He continued to play an important part in CBS' S.W.A.T. He is currently 52 years old, and his most recent work was in Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

4) Matthew Gray Gubler — Dr. Spencer Reid

One of the few characters who stuck till the very end, Dr. Spencer Reid, portrayed by Matthew Gray Gubler, was one of the pivotal characters in the show and the brains of the group.

Matthew Gray Gubler has been much quieter on the acting scene since the show ended. However, he has a few credits to his name, such as Hulu's Dollface and Netflix’s Horse Girl. He is currently 42 years old.

5) A.J. Cook — Jennifer ‘JJ’ Jareau

The Supervisory Special Agent who previously served as BAU's liaison with law enforcement and the media, JJ was one of the most important characters for almost the entire show.

A.J. Cook stayed on the show for nearly the entire duration and has not appeared much in TV shows and films since Criminal Minds concluded. She is currently 44 years old.

All 15 seasons of Criminal Minds are available to watch on Hulu.

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