How rich are Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson? Explore the couple’s net worth ahead of ‘Married to Real Estate’ premiere

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson from ‘Married to Real Estate’ (Image via egyptsherrod/Instagram)
Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson from ‘Married to Real Estate’ (Image via egyptsherrod/Instagram)

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson are all set to lead their brand new show, Married to Real Estate, on HGTV. The married couple will be seen helping homebuyers find houses in their dream neighborhoods.

While Sherrod has previously hosted shows like Flipping Virgins and Property Virgins, Jackson is collaborating with his wife for the first time. Although the duo have reportedly worked together on several properties, Married to Real Estate brings them together as a couple on television.

Egypt Sherrod and Mike Jackson are not just realtors


Sherrod is a popular HGTV personality who has been working in real estate for several years. Apart from being a realtor and TV personality, she has also worked as a radio host and is an advocate, author, entrepreneur, and speaker.

Sherrod is also a philanthropist who founded Egypt Cares Family Foundation and can be seen at several charity events.

The successful reality TV star married her long-time beau Jackson in 2010. As per his Instagram profile, he is a contractor, realtor, professional DJ, author, and fitness trainer. With numerous skills, he has earned millions so far and reports suggest that both share an equal net worth. With a successful career in the real estate industry, Sherrod and Jackson’s estimated net worth is $6 million each.

They have two daughters together, Kendall and Harper Jackson. Sherrod also has a step-daughter, who is Jackson’s kid from his former relationship.

Speaking about working with his wife in Married to Real Estate, Jackson said:

“Egypt and I work well together, and we enjoy working together. We’ve lived in and renovated 11 homes that we eventually sold for a profit, so we’re able to advise our clients on how to spend their money the right way to maximize a home’s value.”

When will 'Married to Real Estate' premiere?

The new renovation show will consist of eight episodes in its first season. It will premiere on HGTV on Thursday, January 13 at 9.00 pm ET.

The official synopsis of Episode 1, titled “Midcentury Mission,” reads:

“First-time buyers who are obsessed with getting a midcentury home in the perfect Atlanta suburb are running out of options and time. My wife and I find an incredibly dated property to renovate into the vintage dream home they have their hearts set on.”

The show is slightly different from other HGTV real estate projects. In Married to Real Estate, Sherrod and Jackson’s personal life will also be captured. It will feature the couple searching for new office space and planning for a big bedroom for their youngest child.

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