How WWE star, The Miz, dealt with social media bullying in Miz and Mrs Season 3, Episode 3

Mike Mizanin deals with social media criticism (Image via Mikethemiz/ Instagram)
Mike Mizanin deals with social media criticism (Image via Mikethemiz/ Instagram)

Tonight on Miz and Mrs, The Miz dealt with social media bullying regarding his performance on Dancing with the Stars, after his friend Ryan Cabrera made him realise that there were people online who were poking fun at his dancing skills and "stiff" body.

The Miz and Mrs star spoke about the reactions to his wife, who acknowledged that she knew of the comments, but asked him not to read them. However, Mike did it regardless of her advice, allowing himself to be concerned with the posts where people were making fun of his body, calling him a power douche, and claiming that a three-legged dog could dance better than him.

As a result, he pushed himself to practice harder than ever, hoping to attain perfectionism.

Miz and Mrs fans support Maryse and Mike for how they handled social media bullying

Mike was happy that following his performance, an account that was previously criticizing his dance, had praised him. His wife then read some of the other comments pouring in, which were still bullying his "dad body", hence hinting that there was no end to the bullying.

Miz and Mrs fans appreciated Maryse for giving Mike a reality check and letting him realise the truth about social media bullying.

What else happened on Miz and Mrs tonight: A synopsis

Last week, fans saw Mike make an important decision when he went ahead and joined the cast of Dancing with the Stars, despite his father doubting his dancing skills.

In the latest episode of Miz and Mrs, Ryan Cabrera made a guest appearance and was seen golfing with Mike. He made Mike realize that there were people who were criticizing him for his performance on Dancing with the stars.

The friends were seen betting on the golf score. As a result of deliberately shifting Mike’s focus to the comments, Ryan won a lot of money.

When Mike asked Maryse about the comments, she said that she knew people were ripping him apart on social media, but asked him not to read the what they were saying. Mike read them regardless and was worried about people’s perception of him, making him work harder in order to perfect his performance.

Meanwhile, Maryse asked Barb to babysit when she went out for a business meeting. While she was out, Barb helped with the household chores - doing three loads of laundry and bathing the kids. Maryse was impressed that Barb was able to do so much work in such a small amount of time, and she went on to call her a "cleaning tornado."

However, Mike got angry at Maryse for letting his mother power-wash the driveway and clean the house while she herself had gone to a massage parlor. When Maryse tried to defend herself, Mike asked her to talk to Barb:

"You knew what you were doing Maryse."

Barb insisted that she had wanted to help Maryse because she knew what it was like, to try to be a perfect mother.

Maryse also accompanied Mike to the dance rehearsal, where his choreographer complained that he did not work hard. Maryse, however, felt that it was not possible for him to dance well as he was not adequately trained in the field. She also said that Mike got his perfectionism from his mother, and that he put a lot of pressure on himself.

She later dressed as Bad Sandy and surprised Mike to help him get rid of the stress of the show.

USA Network's reality show Miz and Mrs, showcases the daily lives of WWE champions, The Miz and Maryse, as they parent their two daughters and try to keep up with their chaotic family members.

Miz and Mrs airs every Monday on USA Network at 11 pm ET.

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