"Hyung didn't violate": NCT's Chenle clarifies Taeil's motorcycle accident was a result of the opposite party's traffic rule violation

NCT's Chenle and Taeil (Image via Twitter/@NCT_smtown, @cinbabydolphin)

On Thursday, August 17, NCT's Chenle started a live broadcast on, Weibo, the Chinese fan community platform, to spend some time with his fans. While the idol talked about several things, he also addressed the recent shocking news regarding his fellow member, Taeil's motorcycle accident. Chenle shared that after he came to know about the accident, he called up the group's manager to know more about the situation.

He, then, came to know that Taeil was not to blame for the accident rather it was due to the opposite party. As explained by NCT's Chenle, the other person violated the traffic rules and drove past a red light, naturally causing the motorcycle accident. He stated,

"But [Taeil] hyung did not violate any traffic laws. It was someone else who caused the accident without paying attention to the traffic lights."

NCT's Chenle updates fans about Taeil's motorcycle accident

With NCT having several upcoming events in their schedules like NCT NATION: To The World, NCT 2023: Golden Age, etc., all the members have been busy and trying their best to keep their fans updated about the same. NCT's Chenle, in a similar effort, kickstarted his Weibo live broadcast, which excited many fans.

As fans enthusiastically turned in for the broadcast, they talked about several things. NCT's Chenle also believed that it was necessary for him to share whatever he knew about the recent shocking news regarding Taeil's motorcycle accident. Here's what the idol stated:

"I had a schedule with Taeil hyung on that day. That's why I heard about his injury before most people. I was really worried. That day, I went to the hair salon to have my hair dyed, and Taeil hyung went home, but on my way to the salon, I got word from Mark. I asked our manager right away what happened. But hyung did not violate any traffic laws. It was someone else who caused the accident without paying attention to the traffic lights."

According to Chenle's explanation, Taeil was hit by a car that ran a red light. While SM Entertainment did release an official statement regarding Taeil's accident, there was no information regarding whether or not it was the idol's fault. With Chenle clearing up the issue, fans were quite grateful for the same. However, many fans expressed SM Entertainment should have mentioned this in their official announcement to clear up misunderstandings.

As Chenle's update about the situation spread across the internet, SM Entertainment finally released a report stating that Taeil's accident case is still under police investigation, and coming to any conclusions is hard at the moment.

The statement read:

"We're currently under police investigation, so it is difficult to say more."

Additionally, NCT's Chenle also stated that Taeil seemed to be doing okay after he gained consciousness. While fans are awaiting official statements and reports about the incident, they are also praying and hoping for the idol's speedy and safe recovery.

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