"GET WELL SOON CHENLE" trends on Twitter as NCT Chenle opens up about his bad throat condition

NCT Chenle confesses about his bad throat condition (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_DREAM)
NCT Chenle confesses about his bad throat condition (Image via Twitter/@NCTsmtown_DREAM)

On March 10, 2023, NCT Chenle went on his Bubble account to talk about the worsening condition of his throat. The idol opened up about how his throat hasn't been in the best condition in the past few days and how he has been taking up medications to prevent further damage. Yet, given that the idol has been quite active since the release of their winter mini-album, Candy, in December, many people are not surprised by this.

The idol's health has unavoidably been impacted by his overworked schedule, which is sequentially packed with stage appearances and their ongoing tour, The Dream Show. However, fans are a little relieved to learn that NCT Chenle has been focusing on recovering. Following his post, fans flooded Twitter with tweets that read, GET WELL SOON CHENLE, which naturally started to trend.

Fans shower NCT Chenle with love and support following the confession about his bad throat

Being one of the most active NCT members on Bubble, fans weren't surprised by his visit to the app to have a chat with his fans. Supporters, however, were both frightened and upset when NCT Chenle went on to discuss his current health issues. Here's what his messages read:

Really not used to being in a new environment for the life of me. My throat isn't in a good condition. I take care of my throat like crazy but why is it like this. I take medicine everyday kekeke, but it's quite serious today.

Following his Bubble post, fans were worried about his health condition. Given that he's one of the main vocalists in NCT Dream, admirers are concerned about whether NCT Chenle has been overworked or extensively using his vocal cords. Additionally, given that the group's currently progressing with their world tour, The Dream Show, fans believe that the same is less likely to aid in the betterment of Chenle's condition.

Fans have been tweeting so much that the keyword, GET WELL SOON CHENLE, has been trending on Twitter in many countries, including Indonesia, India, Korea, and more. People also take this time to express their gratitude and support towards NCT Chenle. Since the idol has been working quite hard on the group's comeback alongside consecutive and lengthy performances on their tour, fans have thanked Chenle for his hard work as they insist that the idol rest for the time being.

Other news includes the success of NCT Dream's The Dream Show international tour, which has attracted a lot of attention. Fans have been impressed and pleased with the concert as all of their sold-out performances have featured members who have been upbeat and happy for the entire three hours of the show.

Additionally, their recent Japanese debut, Best Friend Ever, has also hit many milestones. The song earned NCT Dream the title of being the fastest K-pop group for their Japanese song to reach the highest views within twenty-four hours. With continuous activity and succession from the group, fans are delighted by the same.

With quite a handful of dates for the end of NCT Dream's The Dream Show, fans are worried about what it will lead to for NCT Chenle's throat condition.

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