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"I believe David will make it out of it": Logan Paul comments on David Dobrik's cancelation

Logan Paul believes David Dobrik will make a comeback after his recent cancellation
Logan Paul believes David Dobrik will make a comeback after his recent cancellation
Modified 02 Apr 2021

During the latest episode of his "Impaulsive" podcast, Logan Paul weighed in on the cancelation of David Dobrik after the latter's sexual assault scandal.

The 25-year-old YouTuber is known to be friends with Dobrik, who recently lost major sponsorships and thousands of subscribers in the wake of an explosive sexual assault scandal that rocked the entire Vlog Squad.

Drawing from personal experience, Paul recently opened up on Dobrik's situation. He said,

'Why do apologies come in twos? It doesn't happen overnight, true change takes a f*cking minute. I believe David will make it out of it. David will come back . He's gotta learn, improve and get extremely creative with what he's making because I believe any sort of Vlog squad style of camaraderie content that is David Dobrik style vlogs, will come with a bit of bad taste"

He also mentioned his recent tweet about the Dobrik situation. In his post, Paul reflected on his cancelation after the Japan suicide forest controversy.

Logan Paul shares his thoughts on David Dobrik and cancel culture


[Timestamps: 45:00, 57:10]

During a particular segment of his podcast, Paul spoke about Dobrik's cancelation by referring to his own tweet about taking accountability. He said,

"Keeping the sanctity of the relationship that I have with David because he is a friend and I want him to take accountability and really understand the situation. If you are so shut off to the idea of someone being able to improve and change, what are we doing here ? Making mistakes is so human of us . Allow yourselves to forgive when the time is right. "

Paul's tweet is below:

The aforementioned message left the internet divided, as it was praised by some and criticized by others.

Some people praised Paul's maturity on the matter and his efforts to rise above controversy:


But Paul's tweet also drew backlash as some Twitter users claimed there was no reason to extend support to Dobrik:


Most of the internet often agrees that Paul has been able to mount a successful career u-turn after a major scandal.

In light of his recent comments, it now remains to be seen if his words will turn out to be prophetic regarding Dobrik's potential return to the limelight.

Published 02 Apr 2021, 19:06 IST
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