"I interact with a lot of attractive girls on a regular basis": Disguised Toast leaves viewers impressed with his take on relationships 

Image via Disguised Toast
Image via Disguised Toast
Saahil Agnelo Periwal

Popular streamer Jeremy "Disguised Toast" Wang recently earned plaudits from viewers after he shared an interesting take on relationships and the law of human attraction.

The 29-year old streamer, who currently streams on Facebook Gaming, has amassed a stellar following of fans over the course of his successful streaming career so far.

Initially a Hearthstone pro, he eventually moved on to games such as Among Us, which soon made him a household name.

Apart from his endearing and entertaining persona, Disguised Toast is also revered in the streaming community for his "hot takes" on a plethora of topics.

During a recent stream, he left fans impressed with a rather insightful analysis of human relationships, by drawing upon his own personal first-hand experiences.

"A wise role model": Disguised Toast's take on relationships earns praise online


Disguised Toast had previously been in a relationship with fellow streamer Janet Rose, aka "xChocoBars."

The duo dated from 2018-2020, before formally announcing their breakup in a rather mature manner online.

Despite not being romantically involved with one another anymore, the duo, popularly shipped together as "Joast" continue to remain on cordial terms.

Since then, the duo's relationship status has remained up in the air with fans eager to learn more about their dating lives.

Due to the prying nature of chat, Disguised Toast is often known to come up with wisecracks when quizzed about his personal life or sexuality.

During a recent interactive session with fans, he candidly shared his thoughts on what kind of girls he tends to generally be attracted to.

"What I have found in my attitude towards girls is that is like when I see a hot girl, I know they're hot but I won't be attracted to them beacuse I can't be attracted to someone unless I know they're funny or smart or kind. I think it's because I interact with a lot of attractive girls on a regular basis now. "

Disguised Toast also proceeded to compliment his fellow female streamers, as he stressed upon the importance of getting to know someone, as opposed to simply being attracted to them.

"I think all my female friends that I play games with are you know, beautiful women to a point where I would have people sliding in and Dming me. Some of these people have millions of followers on Instagram and shit or like TikTok and I would just not respond because I can't get to know you . Yeah , you're hot and famous but there's something that makes me disinterested . Relationships are a lot of work. "

In light of his surprisingly resonant statement, several viewers heaped lavish praise upon his mature train of thought.

Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube
Image via Jeru TV/ YouTube

Apart from entertaining fans with his high IQ plays and skilled gameplay, Disguised Toast's wit and wisdom only serve to amplify his wholesome streaming persona that continues to win over fans online.

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