I’m a Virgo review: Is the brand new coming-of-age Prime Video comedy series worth the watch?

A poster for I’m a Virgo (Image Via Amazon Studios)
A poster for I’m a Virgo (Image Via Amazon Studios)

I’m a Virgo is the latest addition to Prime Video's promising list of coming-of-age series. The highly enthralling comedy series arrived on the streaming platform on Friday, June 23, 2023. Boots Riley is both the director and creator of the series, which stars Jharrel Jerome in the lead role of Cootie.

I’m a Virgo centers around a young 19-year-old man named Cootie, who was hidden by his adoptive parents due to his astounding height of 13ft. He starts to experience both the good and the bad that society has to offer only after escaping from the four walls of his house.


Since the first season of the Prime Video series was launched by the streaming platform, the audience has been eagerly waiting to learn how I’m a Virgo has turned out. The story touches upon an array of serious issues, including social injustice, discrimination, misuse of power, and social hypocrisy.

All these themes are seen from the point of view of the lead character and his new-found friends, making it all the more impactful for viewers.

A review of I’m a Virgo season 1 on Prime Video: An inspiring coming-of-age story told in a refreshing manner

A solid storyline that successfully leaves a mark


The story of I’m a Virgo takes the audience on a journey of self-reflection and questions all the social norms set by the lawmakers of society. It delves into the deeply flawed power structure of the world, where the oppressor always wins and the oppressed is left with nothing.

The series depicts the refreshing story of Cootie, who is 19 years of age and 13ft tall. The plot kicks off when Cootie decides to explore the outside world from which he hidden away by his adoptive parents due to their fear of him getting into trouble because of his uncommon height.

Throughout the series, Cootie is seen experiencing new things and making memories. It is through these experiences that he starts to find his true identity and build a new perception of the world.

The writers, including creator Boots Riley, have done a remarkable job of writing the series in such an absurdist yet meaningful manner, that the audience will be able to resonate with the story. It has been written from the viewpoint of Cootie, thus giving viewers a refreshing take on already-known social factors, making them question their own beliefs.

Excellent direction makes the series even more arresting


In a cinematic world full of coming-of-age movies and series, what makes I’m a Virgo a stand-out, is the style of its direction. The creator Riley, who is also the director of the series, has done a phenomenal job of presenting it in such a way that it feels inspiring and impactful.

Director Riley has captured all the complicated nuances of the story in such an artistic yet simple way that it hits right home. Every sequence focuses on the lead character's realization of social disparity and how injustice has become a normal thing in this world as human beings have accepted it with time.

Scenes such as the one where Cootie breaks out from the shackles of his home and roams free in the streets or the one where Scat passes away, or the one where Jay Whittle aka The Hero, captures Cootie for causing trouble in the primary power plant of the city, are all directed in an alluring way, making the series definitely worth a watch.

Jharrel Jerome as the protagonist shines brightly


Actor Jharrel Jerome is without a shred of doubt, the perfect fit for the character of the protagonist Cootie in I’m a Virgo. The character's grand personality and unique take on things around him are amazingly portrayed on screen by the young actor.

In particular, scenes, such as the one where he has an argument with Jones, or the one where he gathers Felix and others to vandalize the power plant, or the one where he confronts his adoptive parents for keeping him in the dark for such a long time, are quite absorbing to watch. Thus, Jharrel Jerome's power-packed performance as Cootie is one of the biggest highlights of the series.

Other actors on the cast list for the series include Mike Epps as Martisse, Walton Goggins as Jay Whittle/The Hero, Carmen Ejogo as Lafrancine, Brett Gray as Felix, Allius Barnes as Scat, Kara Young as Jones, and Olivia Washington as Flora. They have also done an excellent job of playing their respective roles in the series.

Especially, Olivia Washington as Flora and Kara Young as Jones are incredible to witness. Their on-screen chemistry with the protagonist is another highlight of the series.

Don't forget to catch I’m a Virgo, which is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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