"I made a little over a million dollars": Corinna Kopf's OnlyFans earnings in just 48 hours leaves Twitter in awe 

Image via Corinna Kopf/ Instagram
Image via Corinna Kopf/ Instagram

Vlog Squad member Corinna Kopf seems to have overshadowed David Dobrik's recent YouTube return after dropping a bombshell revelation regarding her 48-hour earnings on OnlyFans (OF).

After almost a three-month hiatus from social media, David Dobrik recently marked his return to vlog-based content with a four-minute YouTube video that chronicled his recent visit to Hawaii along with his close group of friends.

Familiar faces such as Jason Nash, Jeff Wittek, and Corinna Kopf all featured, with the latter even opening up about her recent foray into OF:

One of the key highlights of the vlog revolved around the Instagram model and social media star revealing the whopping sum of money she has earned on OF over a period of just 48 hours:

"In 48 hours, I made a little over a million dollars. And then I gambled to celebrate and then I won 30,000 dollars! "

She then proceeded to flaunt the influx of tips she has been receiving, with one user even donating a generous $100 sum:

"Look at this person, a 100 dollar tip. 'Hey Corinna, can I get some p***y"

Later on, it was also revealed that Corinna Kopf had used a part of her recent OF earnings to buy a shiny new $400,000 Ferrari.

In light of her whopping earnings, Twitter was soon abuzz with a slew of reactions from the online community.

Fans react as Corinna Kopf reveals her OnlyFans earnings in David Dobrik's latest vlog

Apart from the million dollars she made on OF, Corinna Kopf's gambling returns ended up raking in an additional $30,000, a feat that undoubtedly serves as the cherry on the cake.

A week ago, the 25-year old influencer created a massive social media storm after she announced the launch of her OF account, with several of her fans scrambling to subscribe to her.

However, her launch was not without its fair share of controversy. She was initially labeled a 'scammer' because fans paid a premium subscription fee to get exclusive content on OF. But they were instead greeted with similar pictures from her public Instagram profile.

In response to Corinna Kopf revealing her earnings, several Twitter users reacted in awe of her glorious start as an OF creator:

If her recent claims are anything to go by, it appears that the initial public discontent has faded away as her OF continues to reap dividends.

She has been threatening to clamp down on all those who have been leaking pictures of her OF. So her latest revenue model is likely going to grow.

Edited by Srijan Sen
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