"I miss you": Zoe Laverne joins 13-year-old Connor Joyce's live stream, enrages fans with comments

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TikTok star Zoe Laverne is under fire from the online community once again, just days after issuing an apology.

Zoe Laverne is a popular social media influencer, vlogger, and TikToker who previously dated fellow TikTok star Cody Orlove. The social media influencer has millions of followers across various social media platforms and is an eminent face in the TikTok circuit.

In light of videos that recently went viral and brought her a wave of online criticism, the 19-year-old had put out a statement of apology.

As reported last month, in these clips, she kissed a 13-year-old fan, Connor Joyce. This act led to allegations online, accusing her of grooming and indulging in an inappropriate relationship with a minor.

As seen in the clip above, she stated that the entire situation was blown out of proportion, dismissing rumors of grooming Connor Joyce. Revealing that they both 'caught feelings' for each other, she said that it was a mutual decision, unlike what people were making it out to be.

Despite her apology, the online community was not convinced, continuing to call her out for her problematic behavior, which went unnoticed all these years. Moreover, in light of the recent backlash, it is also reported that Zoe Laverne checked herself into a hospital recently, to 'find help'.

Amidst severe backlash, it would seem prudent for Zoe Laverne to lay low for a while.

However, exactly a week after her apology, the internet star is under fire again, this time for commenting on Connor Joyce's live stream.

Twitter seethes at Zoe Laverne's recent comments on Connor Joyce's live stream


Despite taking a brief sabbatical from social media, Zoe Laverne finds herself amid controversy yet again after recently joining the teens live stream and leaving the following comment:

"Hi Connor, I miss you. I hope you're doing well. Miss you lots!"


Soon after her comments went viral, an enraged online community took to Twitter to voice its grievances against Zoe Laverne's 'problematic' and 'gross' behavior towards a minor:

As dissent continues to mount online, Zoe Laverne continues to find herself on the receiving end of a raging 'cancel culture' mob, which now seems to have had just about enough of her problematic behavior.

Moreover, her recent decision to join Connor Joyce's live stream has only ended up making things worse, as she continues to face the wrath of a livid online community.

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