“I need to live my authentic life”: Jennifer Aydin reveals on WWHL why she shared Melissa’s rumor with Danielle

Jennifer Aydin
Jennifer Aydin (Image via Instagram/ @jenniferaydin)

Recently, Real Housewives of New Jersey star Jennifer Aydin appeared on Watch What Happens Live to discuss several trending topics surrounding the show.

Aydin explained why she shared the rumor about Melissa and Danielle, describing her actions as authentic and in line with what was actually happening among the housewives. She said:

“There were times where I was just going to keep it to myself, but at the end of the day, I signed up to do a reality show to be authentic, and whatever is going on in my real life, have it be an affair, have it be my gay brother, whatever it is, I need to live my authentic life, and that is what was going on.”

The rumors were reported on The Real Housewives of New Jersey show on April 11, 2023. Laura was seen mentioning the rumor to Jennifer Aydin and Teresa Giudice during the show. Ultimately, Jennifer Aydin shared the information with Danielle Cabral.

Real Housewives of New Jersey's Jennifer Aydin did not intend to hurt Melissa Gorga

When Aydin interviewed for the Virtual Reali-Tea podcast back in February, she explained why she repeated what Laura told her about the cheating allegations during Season 13 of Housewives of New Jersey. In her explanation:

“The point of revealing this rumor is not to hurt Melissa.”

Aydin further explained:

“It’s to show … everybody what [Josephs’] true colors are. There is a source here. So I say bring Laura on. Bring Laura on, have them duke it out. Like, don’t shoot the messenger here.”

In the trailer of RHONJ season 13, Aydin revealed that Melissa Gorga had been unfaithful to Joe Gorga once in her life. She told newcomer Danielle Cabral:

“He saw Melissa in the backseat and she was making out with another guy.”

According to Aydin, Jensen made these claims in an off-camera meeting which Melissa's sister-in-law, Teresa Giudice, was also involved in. In addition, Aydin stated:

“I’m repeating something. She’s telling me things that Margaret has told her. Why is Margaret telling her these things?”

According to Page Six, Giudice revealed last summer that Melissa was cheating on her husband Joe with their longtime friend, actor Nick Barrotta.

In the aftermath, Melissa decided not to attend Giudice's nuptials on August 6, 2022, to now-husband Luis "Louie" Ruelas. Melissa was interviewed on the On Display podcast, wherein she explained:

“Sometimes when things are too toxic and you try over and over and over again and it just keeps coming back around to the same thing, even if it’s family, you have to let it go.”

Despite the fact that Jennifer Aydin shared the information that she got, according to a Page Six report published back on February 21, 2023, she didn't believe any of the rumors about Melissa cheating on her husband, as she mentioned:

"I’m not saying that it’s true. I don’t know it to be true, I don’t believe it to be true.”

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season 13 episode 13 will air on Bravo at 9 pm ET on May 2, 2023.

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