"Let the victim narrative go": RHONJ fans slam Melissa for rejecting Teresa's wedding invitation

Will Melissa ever let bygones be bygones? (Images via Bravo)
Will Melissa ever let bygones be bygones? (Images via Bravo)

This week’s episode of RHONJ, which aired on Bravo on Tuesday, April 25, featured Teresa Giudice inviting Melissa Gorga to her wedding just days before the official ceremony. Teresa previously refused to invite her brother Joe and her sister-in-law after several arguments but changed her mind at the last moment.

After an emotional picture-drawing activity, Melissa said the family should not talk about the past. She revealed that she loved Joe's kids and wanted them to be a part of the wedding too. She added:

"Like, I was like, 'Should we have Gino walk down the aisle with Gianna?' You, Antonia, Gino and Joey would complete it, like, if you guys are there with me."

Jennifer asked Teresa if she was officially inviting her family, but the latter commented that she just wanted “happiness and peace.” Melissa felt that the invitation was “complete nonsense." She said that she was not Teresa’s “props in the final hour.”

RHONJ fans got upset with Melissa for not accepting the invitation when she herself had been fighting about the same for so long. They asked her to stop acting like a "victim" even after being handed an invitation.

RHONJ fans ask Melissa to stop complaining about the wedding

During Teresa’s bachelorette trip, the bride-to-be commented that her fiancé Louie asked Bill to come to the wedding since they were so supportive of their relationship. She added that it would be nice since she did not “have family.”

Melissa did not respond at the time but said in a confessional that this “is why we don't believe you!"

After Teresa invited Melissa, the latter did not pay attention to Teresa's emotions and said:

"If she's even asking because she's barely asking."

RHONJ fans slammed Melissa for complaining about not getting an invitation to the wedding when she did get one.

Melissa and Teresa had an emotional moment

During the picture-drawing activity, the girls were supposed to paint Teresa’s life. Melissa drew a beautiful painting of her family, saying:

"I started with Sala Consilina ’cause that was where your parents were from and I’m showing your family coming from Italy. Your dad, your mom, you, and your brother."

Melissa got emotional after explaining the painting and said that it “struck her” where the family was at the time. Teresa told her that it was her family as well, confessing that she loved them very much. She added:

"It’s, like, the way we started. We were so happy. We were a happy, beautiful family. And they always instilled in us: love each other."

Teresa also remembered the early days when Melissa had just joined her family, but the latter revealed that she was interested in going down the old memory lane.

RHONJ airs on Bravo every Tuesday at 9 pm ET. Fans can also stream the show on the Peacock streaming application.

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