"I would never do that to Trisha": Ethan Klein receives support after explaining why he turned down Gabbie Hanna for Trisha Paytas 

Ethan Klein expresses disappointment in Trisha Paytas (Images via YouTube and Instagram)
Ethan Klein expresses disappointment in Trisha Paytas (Images via YouTube and Instagram)

YouTuber Ethan Klein has expressed his disappointment at Trisha Paytas, who is set to appear on the Mum’s Basement podcast hosted by Keemstar and Faze Banks. Ethan Klein, famously known for his H3H3 podcast productions, is in an ongoing feud with Keemstar.

Trisha Paytas is to be wed to Ethan Klein’s brother-in-law Moses Hacmon, which has sparked outrage amongst Klein’s fans. Many have called out the Mukbang YouTuber for betraying their (Trisha Paytas identifies as non- binary) soon-to-be family.

Twitterati went on to call Trisha Paytas “clout seeking,” but Paytas defended herself on TikTok saying:

“Me going to Mom’s Basement was not to attack Ethan, I had my own issue with Keemstar. Once again, me going on another person’s podcast does not mean I am pro-them. I like having discussions with people, especially people I disagree with. I have my own issues with Keem I can talk about.” -Trisha Paytas

Ethan Klein takes to Twitter after Trisha Paytas appears on Mum’s Basement

Those immersed in the world of YouTube drama would be aware of the war between Gabbie Hanna and Trisha Paytas. The former spread rumors of Paytas allegedly having herpes to Paytas’ ex-boyfriend, Jason Nash. Hanna also claimed to have shared a friendship with Paytas, which the latter has endlessly denied.

In reference to the aforementioned feud, Ethan Klein stressed his loyalty to Trisha Paytas, despite the awkward situation Paytas has put Ethan in. He said:

“Gabbie Hanna messaged me immediately after Frenemies broke up trying to get on the podcast. I knew it would be an interesting show with lots of views to be had, but I didn’t even respond to her, and still haven’t. Somethings you just don’t do. I would never do that to Trisha.”

Ethan Klein and Trisha Paytas became a popular duo on YouTube after appearing on the Frenemies podcast, but the show ended after a heated argument amongst the co-hosts during the last episode.

Ethan Klein had previously tweeted a picture of Keemstar, Trisha Paytas and Faze Banks sitting in the Mum’s Basement studio together and said:

“I’m not even gonna front or try to be funny, this just really makes me sad”

Twitterati supports Ethan Klein after Trisha Paytas appears on Mum's Basement

Klein has been endlessly receiving support from H3H3 fans on Twitter, many applauding him for his loyalty and kindness amidst the tense feud.

Neither Keemstar nor Paytas had responded to the latest tweet at the time of writing this article.

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