"I thought you was done”: Chrisean Rock Blueface breakup drama explained as former announces reunion with rapper, leaving netizens enraged 

Chrisean Rock breakup and reunites with Blueface in a matter of hours (Image via Getty Images)
Chrisean Rock breakup and reunites with Blueface in a matter of hours (Image via Getty Images)

Fans of Chrisean Rock were left disappointed after the internet personality broke up with her boyfriend Blueface, only to reunite with him hours later. The former took to social media claiming that she was finally calling it quits with the rapper after she found him cheating with his baby mama. However, it seems like Rock has changed her mind.

@ChriseanMalone I thought you was done 🤨

On October 3, Rock took to Twitter to tell fans that she was “single.” She added:

“Chrisean you are enough.”
Y’all can have him . ChriseanRock is single. Chrisean you are enough 🗣🚶🏽‍♀️

Prior to making the announcement, Rock took to Instagram Live telling followers that she got into a heated argument with Blueface after she caught him cheating.

Chrisean announced that she stole her boyfriend’s phone to see if any girls would call him. She also stated that she “almost went to jail” for her actions, which included breaking the television and the window of their hotel room. She claimed that Blueface:

“Had to run from that hotel to another.”

Chrisean Rock seemingly told followers that she believes that Blueface was cheating on her with his baby mama Jaidyn Alexis, who gave birth to their second child on August 6.

Blueface and Alexis are also parents to five-year-old Javaughn J. Porter.

Rock also told her followers that she doubted Blueface for not only cheating with Alexis but also other women.


Meanwhile, the rapper’s mother Karlissa Saffold called his phone and went on to ask Rock whether her son was doing alright. Saffold also shared that she decided to get on call with Rock after seeing Alexis’ newborn being shown on Rock's Instagram live.

Chrisean Rock announces reunion with Blueface following breaking, leaving netizens upset

After announcing the breakup, the Baltimore-native uploaded a series of tweets in hopes of making Blueface regret his actions. Some of Rock’s tweets read:

“U gon wish u only kept this one tho.”
“Crazy part… my levelling up gon hurt more”

However, Rock was quick to upload a contradictory tweet on the afternoon of October 3. It read:

“I’m his best friend n bread winner till death do us part”
I’m his best friend n bread winner till death do us part

She also tweeted an intimate video of the two together, which left her followers immensely disappointed. Along with the clip, she wrote, “Daddy talking crazy fr.”

As her tweets took over the social media platform, netizens dragged Rock for staying in the toxic relationship.

@ChriseanMalone chriseannnn baby girrrrllll 😭😭😭
@ChriseanMalone Which one is it bro😂😂😂 u was just single 10 hours ago

Why did Chrisean Rock accuse Blueface of cheating with Jaidyn Alexis?

Chrisean Rock took to Instagram Live after Alexis posted an Instagram story of a text message which read:

“Happy birthday baby I love you ima come see you today”
Jaidyn Alexis' recent Instagram story (Image via jaidynalexxis/Instagram)
Jaidyn Alexis' recent Instagram story (Image via jaidynalexxis/Instagram)

It seems like Alexis was attempting to confirm that Blueface was cheating on Rock. Alexis’ birthday is on October 2, so it seems like she was indicating that the message was sent by Blueface. However, that remains unconfirmed.

In response, Chrisean Rock slammed Blueface and the mother of his children on social media.

Jaidyn Alexis is a social media lifestyle influencer. Along with being known for her fashion content, she is also the CEO of Glendale, Babyface Skin & Body LLC. At the time of writing this article, she had accumulated 273K followers on Instagram.

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