"I will knock you out": KSI roasts Austin McBroom's boxing skills as he labels him a "warm-up" before Jake Paul 

Images via Getty Images and Instagram
Images via Getty Images and Instagram

YouTuber-singer KSI aka JJ Olatunji commented on YouTuber-turned-boxer Austin McBroom wanting to fight him. The “Patience” singer appeared geared up to fight McBroom in his latest YouTube video titled- “AUSTIN MCBROOM SAID WHAT?!”


KSI reacted to a clip of Austin McBroom saying he wanted to fight the singer next after Broom recently won against TikToker Bryce Hall in the controversial Social Gloves boxing match. KSI said,

“Bro I’m gonna obliterate you. What are you talking about? A great match for me. I’m literally using you as a stepping stone to Jake. After watching the Logan fight you would think that JJ can’t fight, his technique is out of the window. He has no f**king boxing ability. When we fight, you shall see.”

KSI is set to organize a deal with YouTuber-boxer Jake Paul but wants to return to the boxing ring with a match against Austin McBroom. The “Killa Killa” singer continued to diss Austin McBroom in his video, stating:

“I need a warmup to get back to the swing of things man. It’s been a while since I connected with a YouTuber with my fists. When I say I’m going to knock you out, I’m legit serious. Your boy has been doing a couple things here and there behind the scenes during the music, training a little bit. Now your boy has his technique sorted. I will legit be your nightmare.”

KSI is rumored to be returning to the boxing ring against Austin McBroom

The 28 year old singer was on tour for his latest album release “All over the place.” KSI had also held his own live show, "The KSI Show" which was streamed on July 17 that kept him away from boxing.

KSI appeared on Youtuber Logan Paul’s “Impaulsive” podcast where he opened up about fighting the ACE Family patriarch, Austin McBroom. KSI explained:

"For me to fight Austin, I feel like I need to fight him right now to show Jake [Paul] how much I've improved. I need to strike fear into him, because if I go and fight Jake right now, he has all the leverage and he can say 'I'm the A-Side,' this and that.”

He continued,

"I don't like that, I need to f**k Austin up and scare the living s**t out of Jake and then it's like 'cool, now we can talk' and I'll have a bit of leverage.”

KSI’s fights against Austin McBroom and Jake Paul have not been officially set yet.