IMFACT leaves agency of 7 years, fans positive the group hasn’t disbanded

IMFACT 'Only U' album concept photo (Image via @IMFACTofficial/Twitter)
IMFACT 'Only U' album concept photo (Image via @IMFACTofficial/Twitter)

IMFACT, a five-member boy group, has parted ways with the agency Star Empire Entertainment. Three members - Sang, Jeup, and Ungjae - posted personal messages announcing their decision to leave the agency on 3 January 2022. Jian and Taeho, along with Jeup, are currently enlisted in the military.

Many fans believe the contract ended on 3 January 2022, despite the agency posting a statement from the group’s account a day later.

IMFACT leave Star Empire Entertainment agency after seven years

On 4 January 2022, Star Empire Entertainment posted an official statement on IMFACT’s social media announcing the group’s departure from the company. It thanked fans for staying by their side throughout the group’s journey and shared that their exclusive contract had ended.

The agency even added that it was a mutual decision, which arrived after lengthy discussions.

A day before the company's announcement, IMFACT’s Sang, Jeun and Ungjae took to their personal Instagram accounts to reveal the same. The members personally thanked the CEO and the staff for taking care of them since their debut in 2016. They also expressed gratitude to the team for supporting them on this journey.

Take a look at the member’s posts below:

Has IMFACT disbanded?

The agency’s announcement of IMFACT members’ contract renewal elicited varied reactions. While it wasn't overtly stated that the group had disbanded, many believe the members were only going through a company change.

Fans believed the statement only revealed the members' choice not to stay with the agency, which is also similar to their personal messages. At no place did the company or the group mention the word “disband.”

Moreover, on 3 January 2022, Jian specifically told fans on a Kakao talk group chat that it was not the end of IMFACT. He expressed his wishes for what he and the members want to experience with the fans. The idol also hinted that the agency is closing down.

Take a look at the conversation on the Twitter thread below:

Some fans also took the news positively as they believed Star Empire Entertainment wasn't promoting IMFACT enough.

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IMFACT is a boy group made of Jian, Jeup, Taeho, Sang and Ungjae. The group debuted with its single album Lollipop on 27 January 2016. Jeup, Jian and Taeho are currently serving their duties as active soldiers. The group's popular songs include Feel So Good, Nanana, and Tension Up.

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