Imitation Episode 1: When and where to watch, and what to expect for drama about K-Pop idols?

Sparkling, the fictional boy K-Pop group in "Imitation" (Image via KBS)
Sparkling, the fictional boy K-Pop group in "Imitation" (Image via KBS)

The K-Pop industry is one of the biggest in the world, so it is no wonder that there are not one, but two shows focused on it: "Imitation" and "So I Married An Anti-Fan." The latter is entering its second week, while Imitation will premiere this week.

Imitation tells the stories of young people within the highly competitive world of the K-Pop industry is. As fans might know, hundreds of groups debut each year, only for most of them to go into obscurity. The training standards in K-Pop are no secret either: plenty of teenagers train for over 10 hours a day, in addition to going to school as regular students, for their shot at making it big.

Will Imitation truly show its viewers just how dark, yet meaningful, the lives of K-Pop trainees can be? They can read on to learn more about Imitation, which also stars real-life K-Pop idols.

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When and where to watch Imitation Episode 1?

Imitation airs every Friday on KBS2. The first episode will premiere on KBS2 on Friday, May 7th, at 11:10 PM Korean Standard Time. The episode will be available to stream internationally on Rakuten Viki shortly afterward.

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What is Imitation about?

Imitation is adapted from the webtoon of the same name by Park Kyung Ran and tells the story of K-Pop groups and their struggles as they try to make it big.

Lee Ma Ha (Jung Ji So) is a member of the fictional K-Pop girl group, Tea Party, within Imitation. Because she resembles solo singer La Ri Ma (Park Ji Yeon), she is popular, even if her group is not.

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Ma Ha is quite down on luck, and during a reality TV show where K-Pop idols take part in sporting events, she injures Hyuk (Choi Jong Ho), the maknae (youngest member) of the boy group Shax. This, and Ma Ha's tendency to gain popularity by imitating Ri Ma, makes Kwon Ryok (Lee Jun Young of U-KISS), another member of Shax, dislike her.

When Ryok and Ma Ha are cast in a drama within Imitation, the two are forced to work together.


Meanwhile, Ma Ha's childhood friend and fellow idol, Lee Yu Jin (Jung Yun Ho of ATEEZ), and member of the boy group Sparkling has feelings for Ma Ha and tries to shield her from what he believes are Ryok's negative intentions towards her. Yu Jin also wants Sparkling to beat out Shax as the most popular K-Pop boy group.

Watch the trailer for Imitation above.

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