''Insane and deranged'': Willow fans annoyed with Princess Kit

A still from Willow (Image via Disney)
A still from Willow (Image via Disney)

Willow recently premiered on DIsney+ with two episodes on November 30, 2022. The sequel to the 1988 film of the same name by George Lucas and Ron Howard, the new series brings back some of the most familiar characters along with some interesting new faces.

The two most intriguing characters, who form the backbone of the series, are Queen Shorsha's (played by Joanne Whalley) twins, Kit Tanthalos (Ruby Cruz) and Airk (Dempsey Bryk).

The synopsis for the show reads:

"An unlikely group of heroes set off on a dangerous quest to places far beyond their home, where they must face their inner demons and come together to save their world."

While the new characters add a much-needed wave of modernity to the classic story, it seems like not everyone is a big fan of Kit Tanthalos and her somewhat botched affair/friendship with Jade Claymore (Erin Kellyman). While the series has not been criticized by many, it seems the early impression of Jade and Kit will pose some problems to the fandom of the show.

While, to be fair, first impressions are not always indicative of what to expect from a character in the future. But it appears that Kit's first impression was not entirely accurate. One of the viewers summarized the first episode, saying:

"Kit was insane and deranged for waking jade up in the middle of the night to announce she was running away, straddling her, and kissing her goodbye like you can’t do that to her she’s in love with you and she’s currently about to pass out"
willow spoilers//kit was insane and deranged for waking jade up in the middle of the night to announce she was running away, straddling her, and kissing her goodbye like you can’t do that to her she’s in love with you and she’s currently about to pass out #willow

Social media sites flooded with this discussion soon after Willow's premiere. Read on to find out more.

Willow fans slam Princess Kit in the first two episodes

It seems most fans dislike or fail to connect with Shorsha's daughter, who has otherwise been portrayed as a brave warrior, unlike her brother who spends time wooing women. Many fans criticized the character in their tweets after the release of the first episode.

#Willow was such a great watch! Soooo nostalgic and yet not derivative. Can’t wait to see how the story progresses but Kit and Jade need to fade away into obscurity. Unlikeable, neither of them have any redeeming qualities
Kit is fuckin annoying lmfao #Willow
Kit is a gay mess for Jade. That’s all that needs to be said #Willow
Watched the first two episodes of #Willow and I really hope it gets better. Enjoyed it ok because....nostalgia but Kit is super annoying/angsty and what happened with Willow? Getting major older Luke character vibes. (Not good) 🤞🙏🤞
I’m sorry but #Willow is kind of lackluster. Kit isn’t very likable, half of Willows family is just gone with no explanation, and they turned Willow into a petty child. Warwick Davis deserved so much better from this show.
New ship alert gays! Kit and Jade will arrive this November, in #Willow the Series! Magic, swords and love... What more do we want? 💫#wlw

Despite the many negative comments, it seems that Kit has not rubbed all the Willow fans the wrong way. Being a non-binary character, there are already fans shipping Jade and Kit, especially after their slight reconciliation in the first episode. It was also sweet how Jade followed Kit into dangerous territory as she went out to look for her brother. See some praises for Kit below.

Willow hasn’t even aired yet and i already headcanon Kit as nonbinary.and i know i’m right. #Willow
I am already shipping Kit and Jade or as I am calling them #PrincessKnight.Disney’s #Willow puts a queer romance front and center — and it was ‘just organic,’ says creator… via @Polygon
#Kit and #Airk have so much of their parents, #Sorsha and #Madmartigan, in them. #Willow
Watching the new #Willow show on Disney+ and oh my God Ruby Cruz playing Kit should play Amicia if they ever do a live action #PlagueTales @MrboomstickXL @TK0Asante @PostUp_bbb
Okay so now that #Willow is out... i will need those kit and jade edits so pls hand them over

Speaking about her character in Willow, Ruby Cruz, in an interview with Collider, had previously said:

"It was fun. It was cool to construct such a layered character, such a complicated young woman. I mean, she is a Disney princess, but it's constructing a new idea of what that can mean and someone messy, someone confused, someone making mistakes, I think that was really cool to actually represent. And yeah, I'm so excited for people to meet Kit…I wish I had her growing up, honestly."

There may still be time for Kit to become a likable character. But, for now, she remains one of the most hotly debated characters in Willow.

Willow is now streaming on Disney+.

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