Inspector Koo, episode 1: Lee Young Ae’s K-drama introduces a riveting revenge thriller

A still of Lee Young Ae in Inspector Koo, episode 1 (Image via jtbcdrama/Instagram)
A still of Lee Young Ae in Inspector Koo, episode 1 (Image via jtbcdrama/Instagram)
Paige Greene

[SPOILERS AHEAD] Inspector Koo, episode 1, premiered on JTBC and introduced actor Lee Young Ae as the titular character of the K-drama. Koo Kyung Yi was buried under tons of garbage in her home in her introduction shot, and did nothing but play games online. Her hygiene was questionable, her sanity too, considering how she ignored the very basics of living.

This is exactly what audiences learned over the duration of Inspector Koo, episode 1. The episode raced between the past and the present. The former featured a student investigator and later featured Koo. In the present, Koo got hired to investigate an insurance payout of 1.2 billion Won. As she crossed stages of the investigation, the student worked similarly in the past too.

What is the connection between student K and Kyung Yi in Inspector Koo, episode 1?

The student who went by the name K in Inspector Koo, episode 1, is portrayed by actor Kim Hye Jun. In the past, she was seen investigating the death of a few kittens that she and her friends took care of.

K seemed to be obsessed with one of the girls especially, and when the kittens they took care of were killed, she took her best friend's frustrated claim literally.

Initially, it seemed K and Inspector Koo were the same people. It was as if the show wanted to portray the origin story of Koo. In an exciting twist, audiences saw that Inspector Koo was the person who investigated K when she had poisoned a security guard for killing her best friend's kittens in the past.

This led to a meeting between the past and the present. Of course, the episode did not reveal if Koo managed to find the truth.

A still of Kyung Yi in Inspector Koo, episode 1 (Image via JTBC drama/Instagram)
A still of Kyung Yi in Inspector Koo, episode 1 (Image via JTBC drama/Instagram)

However, K stalking Koo in the present did indicate that the two had bad blood between them. Inspector Koo, episode 1 also indicated that the reason Kyung Yi was drawn to gaming and retired from her job as an inspector had to do with the death of her husband. According to the rumors that went around in the insurance company that she freelanced for, she allegedly killed her husband.

Her husband was none other than the drama teacher in the school that K went to. The chances of K killing Kyung Yi's husband are high. It was revealed that Kyung Yi had an excellent sense when it came to solving crimes. After all, she solved a billion Won worth insurance claim fraud that no one else dared to attempt.

The question that audiences are left with after watching Inspector Koo, episode 1, however, is why she did not capture K. This is a question that will be answered in the upcoming episodes of the show. Along with this, audiences will also find out why and how Kyung Yi's husband died.

Inspector Koo, which originally aired on JTBC, can also be streamed on Netflix.

Edited by R. Elahi
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