"You go girl": Internet backs Camille Vasquez as she gears up to defend Johnny Depp in Gregg Brooks assault trial 

Camille Vasquez and Johnny Depp in the courtroom (Image via Kevin Lamarque/POOL/AFP/Getty Images)
Camille Vasquez and Johnny Depp in the courtroom (Image via Kevin Lamarque/POOL/AFP/Getty Images)
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Following the high-profile defamation trial verdict of the Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp case, Camille Vasquez is set to represent Johnny Depp again. As per recent reports, Vasquez will defend Depp in the lawsuit filed by Gregg “Rocky” Brooks, who alleged that Depp had physically assaulted him.

Vasquez will reportedly be accompanied by a fellow partner, Randall Smith, from her law firm Brown Rudnick. The lawsuit against the 59-year-old actor was filed in 2018 in the Los Angeles Superior Court.

Attorney Camille Vasquez will once again represent Johnny Depp in a new court case next month. The case is a lawsuit against Depp over allegations that he punched a film crew member on set of ‘City Of Lies’ in 2017.

The report of Vasquez’s involvement in the legal team representing Depp in this new case was seemingly first reported by ET. This report comes after the 37-year-old attorney was recently promoted to partner at the firm after her breakout representation of Depp in the defamation trial.

Netizens react to reports of Camille Vasquez preparing to defend Johnny Depp in a physical assault trial

Following the reports, pro-Depp supporters took to Twitter and extended their support to Vasquez. They again expressed their excitement about Vasquez’s defense for Depp in the courtroom. However, it must be noted that it is not yet known whether the upcoming trial will be televised.

Hopefully this case won't get to court but of it does he has the right person on his team #JusticeForJohnny…
@SmallScreenCo Can’t they just leave the poor guy alone. It seems like everyone wants to take a swing at him.☹️☹️
@TMZ Absolutely adore her!
I can’t wait to see Camille vasquez again🍻🐐 @Castro1021 @chunky1021
Glad to see Camille Vasquez will still be on team Johnny again. My question is,who is really pushing this? Because we know AH can't afford it. Whomever it is, sure is going to potentially be out a lot of cash after round two. How's that saying go, something about a fool & their $

Meanwhile, a few tweets hoped that the case would not move to trial. In contrast, a few claimed they were tired of the legal battles Depp faced. A user even questioned whether Depp should be supported this time.

@PopBase will we be supporting?
@PopBase once again another lawsuit yet people constantly supprt him yikes. couldnt be me yall be easy tho

What is the assault lawsuit against Johnny Depp about?


According to official court documents, the lawsuit was filed by Gregg Brooks in July 2018. As per Brooks’ claims, he was the location manager for Depp’s 2018 crime drama City of Lies, where the actor had punched him twice.

As per the court filings, Brooks alleges that the Pirates of the Caribbean star had yelled profanities at him and hit him twice on the set of City of Lies. It has also been claimed that the actor was intoxicated at the time. At the time of the incident, Brooks reportedly told Depp that his next take would need to be the last as they would have to pack up for the day. However, this allegedly made the actor agitated.

In the court documents, Gregg Brooks claimed that Depp yelled at him and said:

“Who the f*** are you? You have no right to tell me what to do!”

According to the allegations, Depp further yelled:

“I don’t give a f*** who you are, and you can’t tell me what to do!”
Gregg Rocky Brooks filed a lawsuit against Johnny Depp in 2018 for assault and battery. Brooks alleges Depp was intoxicated, screamed obscenities in his face and punched him twice on the set of 'City of Lies'. The case is scheduled for trial in October 2021. #JohnnyDeppIsAnAbuser

The location manager reportedly acquired assistance from an on-set LAPD officer, Jim “Big” Rigg, to help shield him against Depp. However, the actor allegedly still managed to strike Brooks twice. Depp was reportedly removed from the set following the altercation and was later arrested.

Depp admitted to it in his 2018 GQ interview. His lawyers had this section scrubbed from the online article but it's still in the printed magazine.

According to some online claims, Johnny Depp had allegedly admitted to having hit Gregg on the set of City of Lies during his 2018 interview with GQ. A tweet claimed that GQ had reportedly removed the online article. However, the printed version is said to have included his statement. It remains to be seen whether the lawsuit proceeds to trial or a settlement is reached outside the courtroom. Previously, the trial was slated to begin in October 2021.

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