Is Netflix Medici a true story? Richard Madden’s history drama explored 

Cast (left) of the show and poster of season 1 (right). (Photos via Netflix)
Cast (left) of the show and poster of season 1 (right). (Photos via Netflix)

Medici is currently streaming on Netflix. The historical drama premiered on Italian TV channel Rai 1 on October 18, 2016, with its third and final series airing on December 11, 2019. Netflix has been hosting the TV series in places like the US, Canada, the UK, Ireland, and India since December 2016.

The show is based on the Medici family, an influential Italian banking family and political dynasty that played a prominent role in Renaissance Florence. They were the bankers of the Pope, and each season showcased some chapter of the family history.

The first season is titled Medici: Masters of Florence, which takes place in 1429, while the second and final season is named Medici: The Magnificent, set 35 years later.

Is Netflix Medici a true story?


Like any TV show based on an influential real-life person or family, the Netflix show is also an amalgamation of fact and fiction. While certain events are reportedly accurately depicted, mirroring occurrences from the historical era, some were mere pieces of imagination.

For example, some of Cosimo's (Richard Madden) affairs and exile were true, while his father and the family patriarch’s death due to poisoned grapes was fiction, as per reports.

Even Miriam Leone, who portrayed the character Bianca, shown as Cosimo's lover in Rome, never existed. So, the drama is based on a true story, but it is not 100% historically accurate.

Is the Netflix show historically accurate?


As per Love from Tuscany, season 1 was not that accurate as far as history is concerned. The political intrigues were portrayed faithfully in the series, but the team reportedly took massive liberty while projecting the romantic angles.

For instance, Bianca, the beautiful commoner with whom Cosimo fell in love in Rome, did not even exist. And the series showed their passionate love story with utmost sincerity even though, unfortunately, it never happened in reality.

Even Rosa, shown as the ultimate love for Lorenzo, is completely fictional. Moreover, his physical intimacy scene with Lucrezia Donati is inaccurate since as per history, they had a platonic relationship.

Furthermore, Giuliano and Simonetta Cattaneo did not have an affair, as shown in the series, and there was no jealousy between the brothers, Giuliano and Lorenzo.

Why did Netflix cancel Medici?


What's On Netflix reports that season 1 was suddenly removed from the streaming platform on January 28. A few days later, Netflix licensed it again on February 12. However, the show won’t be on the OTT platform for long.

The portal cited their “current intel” and stated that it will be taken off Netflix in the US and UK regions on May 1, 2024. This is because of the simple fact that even though it is known as Netflix Originals, the drama is a rented property, licensed for a limited amount of time.

Do the Medici family still exist?


As per reports, the family no longer exists. Their lineage ended in the 1700s, with Giangastone being the last man. Anna Maria Luisa, his sister who survived him for a few years, could not give birth to any heir, which led to their family lineage coming to an end.

Born in Florence in 1667, Anna was raised by the Grand Duchess Vittoria della Rovere, her paternal grandmother.

Medici is currently streaming on Netflix.

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