Is Trisha Paytas pregnant? YouTuber's Instagram announcement sparks meme fest online 

Trisha Paytas announces pregnancy, leaving the internet concerned (Image via trishapaytasbackup/Instagram)
Trisha Paytas announces pregnancy, leaving the internet concerned (Image via trishapaytasbackup/Instagram)

Controversial YouTuber Trisha Paytas has announced their pregnancy on Instagram. The 33-year-old is expecting their first child with husband Moses Hacmon.

They uploaded a picture of a sonogram along with their pregnancy test. Paytas captioned the Instagram upload - "love at first beat". They also included the hashtag "happyvalentinesday".

Among the many celebrities who congratulated them, a few included Kanye West's girlfriend Julia Fox, YouTubers Zach Sang, Niki and Gabi DeMartino, and Lisa Schwartz.

Hacmon uploaded a picture of the two on Instagram as well. He also included a photo frame with the sonogram picture in it. A greeting card with "your heart is my home" was also spotted. He captioned the photo- "Mom and Dad best #valentine gift ever!"

Internet reacts to Trisha Paytas becoming a mother

The internet quickly created hilarious memes after the YouTuber made their announcement. Though many expressed joy about becoming mothers, many questioned their parenting skills.

A few hysterical memes on Twitter included:

Trisha…Paytas…pregnant? Jesus Christ help us
I firmly believe if anyone gives birth to the Anti-Christ it's Trisha Paytas
Chile we’re about to see Trisha Paytas transition into a family channel
trisha paytas having a baby is the plot point 2022 absolutely does not need
Trisha Paytas is pregnant….everyone let’s pray for that poor child
Trisha Paytas : *ANNOUNCES HER PREGNANCY*Everyone rn:
Trisha Paytas is pregnant and she’s going to be the absolute worst mom
Trisha paytas pregnant….my jaw just hit the floor
Trisha Paytas is WHAT......
Trisha paytas is literally insane and that baby is gonna get taken by CPS one day I’m absolutely counting on it

Trisha Paytas announces pregnancy after dealing with fertility concerns

Along with their Instagram announcement, they uploaded a video on their YouTube channel. The video was titled: "I'M PREGNANT!"


They revealed that they are nine weeks into their pregnancy. This comes after the mukbanger was told that they were infertile. In 2016, they announced in a video that they suffered from pelvic inflammatory disease, leading to her chances of being able to conceive being "basically zero."

Paytas thanked their fans in their latest video and mentioned that they would be sharing more details throughout their pregnancy journey.

They said in their video:

"I still can’t believe it, I’m in absolute disbelief and shock, but I am so, so grateful and thankful, and I’m just at the most peace I’ve ever felt in my entire life."

Paytas tied the knot with their now-husband, Hacmon, in 2021. However, the mother-to-be has been feuding with their sister and brother-in-law Hila and Ethan Klein in recent years.

Trisha Paytas and Ethan Klein co-hosted their podcast 'Frenemies'. However, the fan-favorite show ended after the two expressed several work differences. The online feud between the two is still ongoing.

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